RRUUC has a number of ongoing social justice groups but new energies, needs and ideas do arise. The Social Justice Ministry Team wants to assure that those that become full-fledged new groups reflect the passions of a critical mass of members (a minimum of five persons). Contact the Social Justice Program Committee to apply to create a new Team or lead a discrete effort.

Social Justice Ministry Groups carry out activities focused on specific areas of concern. Most teams work independently, but also work with other teams and members of the congregation on shared social justice issues. Meetings are open to visitors and potential members. Current groups are listed below.

Action in Montgomery (AIM) 

Learn more about AIM.

Animal Ministry 

Earth Ministry

Learn more about Earth Ministry.

Prevent Gun Violence Ministry

Immigration and Refugee Justice Team  

Learn more about the Immigration Justice Team.

Latin American Task Network (LATN)

Learn more about LATN.

Partner Church

Racial Justice

Shepherd’s Table

Middle East