The Bazaar is the one RRUUC event I won’t miss.  I’ve worked the Bazaar every year for more than 20 years.  I love the buzz in the building the week leading up to the Bazaar, and the explosion of energy on Bazaar Day.  My son grew up at the Bazaar, and it’s been fun to see him go from a kid hanging around my knees to a teen who is a valued volunteer. The Bazaar is the place where the largest number of RRUUCers come together, and it’s wonderful to be with so many people from the congregation.



When we moved to Bethesda 40 years ago, we felt that we had found … our community – people who shared our values, at River Road.  Since then, I have participated in many activities and groups, including an RRUUC Men’s Group with nine other guys; we’ve been together for the last 20 year. River Road has provided a place to grow, to share, and to learn.  It’s just like Dorothy said: “There’s no place like home; there’s no place like home.”

~ Pete


As with many members, the Bazaar was my first volunteer experience at RRUUC when I joined the congregation in 2014. That first year I helped out in Women’s Clothing and was immediately hooked by the energy around the Bazaar. It is amazing to be one of hundreds of volunteers who work together to transform the building into a vast marketplace. The excitement is infectious and it is a wonderful way to meet other members. In 2015 my two daughters and husband joined me in volunteering and now as our fourth Bazaar approaches it is truly a family affair!



I like coming to things on my own. After walking into River Road years ago to a warm Hello!, I found many who shared that feeling in the choir, the youth group, the storytelling small groups, and the social justice teams. Years later, my family and I continue to ask the big questions and – every now and then – happen upon an answer or two, all in fellowship with an extraordinary group of people.



Being part of a community is important in these challenging times. Having a spiritual community provides a safe, welcoming, and nurturing place where I deepen my spirituality, learn from Ministers and congregants, and share with others who support and accept me for who I am. RRUUC is my spiritual home. I sing in the choir and expand my musicality. I connect with others through a women’s group, a circle supper group of 5 couples, a group studying jazz, I play at retirement homes with music outreach, mentor girls through the Coming of Age program.  I feel more centered in these un-centered times because of RRUUC.

~ Kim


Like a loving friend, RRUUC draws me back into its company year after year, Sunday after Sunday. Due to the compelling thoughtfulness and creativity of clergy and congregation, I grow more accepting of the breadth of humanity. I become spiritually supple listening to the music and witnessing nature’s display through the glorious picture windows. My teenage daughter continues to soak up the values of inherent worth and dignity. We know that we are on that unending path of a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We are deeply grateful to RRUUC for providing a beacon on the journey.

~ Lotte


At River Road, our family has found a community of choice. Through religious education our now grown children have had the opportunity to learn from the experiences and perspectives not just of their adult teachers, but their peers as well.  We haven’t sought for them to mirror our beliefs exactly, but rather to develop their own, having faith that if they were allowed to find what was true for them, it would serve them well.

~ Tom and Andrea


My family started coming to River Road when our kids were not yet one and three. We came for the Religious Education program. Our kids learned about their bodies and how to communicate with them and how to keep them safe. They learned how to help people and the environment. They learned about people from all different walks of life. River Road was a safe place during middle school and high school, where they checked in with friends and built lasting relationships. They are now graduating from college, and I am thankful they had this grounding at River Road.
~ Joan


My spouse and I were looking for a spiritual home where our children could grow and learn. River Road is a family-friendly congregation offering quality religious education for children of all ages, including a popular and active teen group. On Sunday morning, you’ll find inspiring and thought-provoking sermons, superb music and friendly people. Every day of the week, this building is full of caring folks working together to effect positive change in our community. I have been cherished and challenged and supported by this community.

~ Lisa