We invite you to participate in a small group – a gathering to get acquainted, deepen relationships with others within the congregation, and provide a forum for spiritual reflection, study or values clarification.

New groups form in September/October and February and existing groups with openings add new members.

You may also express your interest in participating in a group before or during the registration period. Complete a Small Groups Enrollment form to tell us the type of group that interests you.


What are Small Groups?

Small Groups are gatherings of 6-12 people focusing on a common interest or practice. Participants commit to meet once or twice a month for a congregational year. Groups meet at River Road or in group members’ homes.

What kinds of Small Groups are there?

  • Men’s
  • Women’s Groups
  • Parent Groups.
  • World Religions
  • Jazz Appreciation
  • Spiritual Themes

During the open enrollment periods in September/October and February, a list of open groups with meeting information appears here. Any new groups trying to form also appear.

How does it work?

Each group agrees on the focus and rhythm of their meetings. Group facilitators helps keep the process and the group on track. Different group members may share meeting facilitation.

Who can join a Small Group?

Congregants, member, friends, and newcomers can join a group.

A Small Group gathering at River Road.

When a group’s membership goes beyond twelve members, a second group may be formed with another facilitator.

Are there resources?

Congregational staff and experienced Small Group leaders provide you with training, meeting templates, a database of thousands of meeting session plans and Soul Matters, a collection of resources arranged by monthly spiritual themes, that deepen and strengthen your small group.