No experience is ever finished or exhausted. New and fresh meanings are forever in the world and in us. It keeps us forever awake, alive and connected with what is and with what matters in life.

— Dr. Clark Moustakas, co-founder of the Association for Humanistic Psychology

Adult Religious Education happens in many forms that encourage you to develop ‘new and fresh meanings’ about the world. Why are we here? What matters to me? What is important to others?

Below are different ways to explore these questions:

  • Path to Belonging is a series of short classes to help you learn about UUism and RRUUC.
  • Small Groups are more than 6 or less than 12 people that covenant to meet at least once a month for the congregational year. No fee.
  • Adult Spiritual Development Classes are distinct, shorter term gatherings exploring a specific topic with a scripted lesson plan. We list our own offerings and curate others that meet our congregational vision, including online learning opportunities.
  • Contemporary Issues Forum (also known as Coffee, Conversation, and Controversy) is on hiatus.
  • Bookstore: Is on hiatus. Usually open in the Fellowship Room after Sunday services, the Bookstore offers a selection of books not always available from other sources. It is also a gathering place for newcomers and those looking to deepen their spiritual development.
  • The River Road Podcast of the weekly sermon is another opportunity to engage Unitarian Universalist ideas and theology.