Social Justice Giving Options

River Road UU Congregation is committed to generous social justice giving. We “extend the offering” or dedicate one entire Sunday morning’s offering each month to those groups and agencies we hold so dear to our hearts. While each organization will be lifted up for special attention during one single month of the coming congregational year, you can also make your generous gifts at any time during the congregational year, including right now. Below you’ll see our full schedule of 2018-2019 Designated Gift Organizations. Feel free to donate, learn, and connect!


RRUUC College Access Fund has provided scholarships to local public high school graduates with financial needs for almost 20 years. Four-year scholarships go to qualified students selected by Racial Justice Task Force’s Supporting Educational Access Pathway (SEAP) from applications submitted by Mentors, Inc. and College Bound. Through the College Access Fund program, 12 students are currently receiving scholarships and two to four students are added each year based on available funds. Click here to give to College Access Fund


Partner Church Program supports RRUUC’s two partner churches in Fiatfalva, Romania, and Khasi Hills, India. Resources from abroad, including from RRUUC, have been essential in keeping the Unitarian movement alive in Transylvania, where it originated. Click here to give to Partner Church Program.


This month’s focus is food justice. We are supporting two incredible organizations focusing on feeding people and doing away with hunger: Rise Against Hunger and To Be Well Fed.
Click here to give to our food justice organizations.

Beacon House Community Ministry provides tutoring, mentoring, cultural, athletic, recreation and nutrition programs for at-risk children ages 5-18 who reside in the Edgewood Terrace community in Northeast Washington, DC. Beacon House was founded in 1991 by Rev. Donald E. Robinson, a UU minister, in response to an overwhelming need for social service programs for youth in what was once a drug- and violence-plagued community. Beacon House has been a designated gift organization for more than 10 years.
Click here to give to Beacon House.


La Clinica del Pueblo is a fully accredited, independent clinic in Columbia Heights, DC, that provides high quality, professional and culturally appropriate health services to persons in the Latino community, regardless of ability to pay.  La Clinica has been a DPO for more than 10 years.


This year, we will be partnering with Trans Healthcare MD, to assist them in their mission, “To provide trans wellness throughout Maryland by increasing access to affirming services and resources, while nurturing young trans leadership.”


The Shepherd’s Table is a soup kitchen operated since 1983 as a cooperative interdenominational effort by 30 churches, synagogues, congregations, and other religious institutions. In addition to providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner to hungry persons and families in need, Shepherd’s Table, in cooperation with Interfaith Works, provides social services, training, counseling, medical, ophthalmological, and dental care to its clients. The facility that houses Shepherd’s Table also has several shelters and free studio apartments for homeless persons. For the last 32 years on the second Tuesday of each month a team of 12 to 15 people from RRUUC has served dinner at Shepherd’s Table to between 125 and 200 hungry people.
Click to give to Shepherd’s Table


Earth Ministry partner, MoCo Students on Climate. The Earth Ministry focuses on education and raising awareness about environmental justice by inspiring, facilitating, and supporting personal, congregational and denominational practices that sustain the Earth and promote justice for those impacted by environmental degradation. Activities are available to fit members’ various schedules and interests. This April, the Earth Ministry supports MoCo Students on Climate, a student advocacy group devoted to addressing the climate crisis. The group’s mission states, “MCPS must take decisive action to reduce its carbon footprint and educate students on the climate crisis. We push and work with MCPS as well as other organizations to combat the climate crisis.”
Click here to give to the Earth Ministry


Action in Montgomery (AIM) is a broad-based community organization, rooted in Montgomery County’s neighborhoods and congregations, non-partisan, multi-faith, multi-racial, working for more affordable housing, more after-school programs and less gun violence.


Safe Streets, sponsored by RRUUC’s Prevent Gun Violence Ministry, reduces the killing in Baltimore. Urban gun violence kills far more victims than the shootings that make media headlines, and with the second highest murder rate in the nation, a resident of Baltimore is five times more likely to be killed there than in DC. Using the public health, evidenced based methods that have curbed gun violence in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Oakland, the “violence interrupters” at Safe Streets mediate disputes and strengthen the communal ties that mitigate gun violence. Your donations help at-risk residents find jobs and help Safe Streets buy toys for the children who attend their annual Christmas Party.
Click here to become a part of the solution in Baltimore and around the nation.


Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of Maryland (UULM) envisions a Maryland free of oppression and injustice, where all are guaranteed basic human and civil rights. This vision is addressed by alerting, educating, activating and facilitating a statewide UU base to advocate for legislation before the Maryland General Assembly each year.  Recent issues include health care reform, ending marriage discrimination against same-sex couples, global warming and abolition of the death penalty.
Click here to give to UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland.


RRUUC Animal Ministry. This year the Animal Ministry has been involved in the Green Sanctuary re-accreditation project, especially in helping to support the creation of a water bottle filling station at RRUUC. Their support will include hosting a fundraiser in August, enabling congregants to join them in the project. Kick-off will be on Sunday, August 23, the same day as our Animal Blessing. Watch the eWeekly for more information starting in July.  You can contribute throughout the month of August with an online donation.