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Coming of Age

The Coming of Age class has spent a year discovering who they are, what they believe, and how it all relates to Unitarian Universalism. This worship service is a rite of passage that ends the year with class members sharing their personal belief statements.

In This Great Turning, Part 1: The Toolkit

In a world full of uncertainty, what we know for sure is that there’s no going back. During This Great Turning we cannot go back to the way things were – whether it be a time of innocence, a time of ignorance, or a time of complacency. As people of faith, we are called to service of the wider community and world, but how can we serve a hurting world if we ourselves are not spiritually prepared? In our pluralistic and non-dogmatic faith, what does it mean to be spiritually prepared? How can our efforts for justice be vision and purpose-driven beyond secular politics? What tools do we need in our toolkit for This Great Turning?

Vision and Memory

Vision leans forward, memory leans back. Held in this tension of where we’re headed and where we’ve been, there is plenty of meaning and purpose for today. This Sunday, we’ll join our Romanian partner church in celebrating their 450th anniversary and the many years that lie ahead for us all.

Water Service Ingathering: Everything Changes, Nothing is Lost

This is Rev. Amanda Weatherspoon's Reflection from our Ingathering Water Communion Service where Revs. Nancy and Amanda, our new Minister for Justice & Community Building, and RRUUC children told the story, "A Little Stream Called to the Sea". You’re invited to be with us in community as we begin the new congregational year.