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The Courage to Say a True thing

This month, as we explore our spiritual theme of “courage,” we know that one way we can reflect on courage is to model it. Join Amanda, Nancy, and Clif as we share worship with you in ways that require courage of us. Each of us will take a risk in the service this week, stretch ourselves a bit, and invite us all into deeper reflection on the many ways we find the courage to say true things in the world.

The Tip of the Tipping Point

With the unending barrage of news and scandal, chaos and outrage, it’s challenging to know where each of us fits into the complex puzzle — especially when it comes to our planet. What does it mean to live this close to the edge, to be on the tip of the tipping point? Join us as we explore how we can gear up, ground down, and find ourselves in this critical moment.

Can I Get A Witness?

All around us we see life longing and yearning for expression. We see our stories reflected on the big and small screen, on the radio, and online — but do we recognize ourselves in one another? How can we create spaces where we can be brave enough to boldly share our fullness with one another? Spaces where we can set aside shame and embarrassment and say to one another ‘I see you, I hear you — I feel you”.