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Love is Still the Boss of Us

With lots of conversation these days about freedom, independence, and the values that undergird out choices, Rev. Nancy will ask just what and who it is that gets to be the boss of your life. What is it that is worth sacrificing some freedoms for? What it is that you’ll defend, even when it asks something hard? You’re not the boss of me!! All of us feel that way at times – and yet still, we are held by forces larger than ourselves. This week in worship we’ll also honor all those who have joined our congregation within the last year – lifting up the ways that each and every person impacts all of us as we grow in community, spirit and service.

Pay Attention to the Pockets

For many years, theologians and religious professionals alike have been postulating that the way we gather together as people of faith will change. As we wrap up the congregational year, in the midst of chaos and change, we find ways to turn toward the future even as we navigate the present. What are the “pockets” of change in our lives? How can we focus on the unfolding possibilities while maintaining in the present?

"The Most Beautiful Stories"

Margaret Atwood once wrote that “when you are in the middle of a story, it isn’t a story at all, but a confusion.” Yet, out of the confusion, eventually the most important stories do get told. What are the stories we will tell of these times?  What is the still-unfolding story of your life?