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Old Growth

Walt Whitman mused that it is the trees which “know the amplitude of time.” At the end of this month when our congregations reflect on what it means to hold history, we’ll follow the old growth trees into deeper time than our own short lives, paying homage to what Ursula K. Le Guin has called the “tall fraternal fire of life as strong now as in the seedling two centuries ago.” 

Told and Untold - The Places That Make Us

As we continue to hold our history, we move into our personal histories. The stories of the places we have lived, learned, and loved, are foundational to who we are and who we are becoming, still. During this service we’ll dig into the roots of Rev. Amanda’s hometown, which also happens to be the birthplace of the Atomic Bomb and home to the National Security Complex. How do we hold the complex histories of which we are a part? How can we shape the present and affect the future?

In This Place - Holding Our History

As we continue our exploration of Holding History, we dive into how we hold the history of this area and how we live into the legacy. Joined by our friends from Macedonia Baptist Church, we will take a deep dive into the struggle of protecting what is sacred, the trauma of land theft, and how we can show up by leveraging our resources. How can we as people of faith and conscious live into this moment?

On a Dark and Stormy Night

We dream of imaginary monsters because we have real fears. Sometimes we make monsters seem cool and mysterious because we ourselves are enchanted by the edges between life and death. This sermon will use history and legend to tell the story of one such beautiful monster. Inspired by River Roaders Suzyn Smith-Webb and Jana Kirkman, this one will introduce you to the original brooding romantic vampire you just might love to hate.