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Our 2023-24 Board:


Lisa Rubenstein

Vice Chair

Diana Ducey Ludwick

At Large

Maurine Beasley

Rich Bergemann

Dan Glor

Steve Hartmann

Dave Kiyvyra

Mandy Wimmer-O’Brien


Jai Chopra, Treasurer

Ana Lim, Acting Secretary

Board Liasons and Representatives

Board Meetings

The meetings of the Board of Trustees are usually held the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at River Road.

You can read the most recent minutes for the Board of Trustees here.

With the exception of rare executive sessions, meetings are open to members and friends of the congregation. Members who wish to speak on an issues at a board meeting should review the policy on speaking at a board meeting.

The Board agrees to and follows this covenant. They are operating using this Strategic Plan.