Runs May 5-19, 2024

“Sharing my hobbies with other River Roaders gave me unexpected joy!”

– Marcia Leonard, RRUUC Member

Join in “Growing Our Connections” by sharing your interests and skills with others in our River Road Community. River Roaders offer a wide variety of services, meals, get-aways, etc., which we can then bid for online between May 5 and 19. Together we will raise money for RRUUC, strengthen connections, and have fun!

How does it work?

The catalog has pictures and descriptions to be perused and bid on. Bid early and often – some donated items/events have limited availability.

Bidding continues virtually until it culminates at 6pm on May 19.

Winners will be notified of their winnings via email in the week following the auction.

First, consider what type of services or events you could DONATE to others in the community. See this list of ideas if you want help brainstorming. Use this form to submit your donation to the Auction team. Donations will be gratefully accepted until April 30. 

Second, get ready!

  • Register at so that you can browse the Spring 2024 RRUUC Service Auction catalog.
  • Read descriptions carefully – particularly whether it’s a traditional “raised-price” item where each bid must be increased or a “fixed-price” item. The latter can go quickly right after bidding opens!
  • If you plan to bid, you’ll need to register a credit card on your account.

Third, start bidding when the Auction opens at 11am on Sunday, May 5.

  • Be sure to get your bids in right away for fixed-price items which may only go to the first (6 or 8 or…) bidders.
  • You can set notifications on certain items, so that you know when others start to outbid you.
  • Check back regularly as some late items may be added or prices adjusted!
  • If you have questions, these FAQs might be of assistance. Otherwise, contact us at
  • Get your last bids in before the Auction closes at 6pm on Sunday, May 19.

After the Auction…

  • When you are advised you have won an item, please make prompt payment within Auctria.
  • If you won a certificate, you may pick it up at RRUUC after the service in the Fellowship Hall on May 26 or June 9. Otherwise, you will need to make other arrangements to pick them up.
  • Enjoy your winnings as we continue to Grow Our Connections at RRUUC!
  • Over the next year, consider what you might donate for Services Auction 2025!

Just a sample of some of the many wonderful things available to bid on:
  • Getaways to Chincoteague and beyond
  • Non-native invasive plant removal
  • Career counseling
  • Pickleball lessons
  • Shared meals with food from around the world
  • …and so many more!

Questions? Need help offering/bidding? Contact us at

Many, many thanks to all who participate!