Engage with us as we seek to create a community of diverse communities – of color, gender, immigration status, class, ability, and homelessness – that calls on the ability of us to love all of each other.

Without love, social justice and spirituality often become a way to feel right about ourselves without having to sacrifice anything. With loving, and within the community it fosters, every time we give of ourselves makes us feel more beloved.

Within the Engaging Communities Pathway you will find a place at River Road where you can work, hands-on and side-by-side, within communities who have asked us to work together with them.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are working to provide emergency food to residents of Clifton Park in Silver Spring and McElderry Park in Baltimore, where the virus has killed more people than in surrounding white communities.

Come work with us and the community of color at Clifton Park Baptist Church, at 8818 Piney Branch Road, Silver Spring, MD 20903

  • Help distribute food every Wednesday and on the first Saturday of each month beginning at 8:30am.
  • Help prep the bags of food beginning at 8:30am on Tuesday, Thursday and on the Friday before the first Saturday of each month.
  • We’re also beginning to deliver food to folks who can’t get to the church.

As the virus recedes, we will be working on additional projects, such as gardening, drug addiction, police accountability, and environmental degradation, as we worship with our friends, attend events, and build the kinds of relationships that build communities.

Contact us to learn more.