Immigration Justice Action Team

The work of the Immigration Justice Action Team responds to the social justice and service missions of RRUUC. Team members engage in education and advocacy about the perceived needs of immigrants and refugees who have come or want to come to the United States. The team also provides varying types of assistance to immigrant populations and gives expression to UU principles by supporting social, political and economic justice initiatives for affected populations. We often work in cooperation with other UU congregations and religious and social justice organizations that share our objectives. The focus of the team’s efforts is responding both to the needs of local immigrants and to needs of the larger immigrant and refugee populations, including border issues, resettlement programs and pathways to legalization.

Education and Advocacy

Team members review legislative and rulemaking initiatives of federal entities (in collaboration with UUs for Social Justice, UUSJ) and state entities (in collaboration with UULM-MD, the UU Legislative Ministry at state level) and advocate for these as appropriate. This includes educating RRUUC members about the issues through tabling at fellowship hour and offering background documents explaining how to advocate via letters or comments. The intent is to influence the enactment of humane and fair laws, policies and practices about social and economic justice for immigrants, refugees and their communities. The team also supports a film festival that presents films that focus on immigrant experiences as a way of documenting the humanity and contributions of immigrants and refugees.  

Afghan Immigrants

Several years ago, team members facilitated the settlement of an Afghan family of four, in partnership with Lutheran Social Services (LSS). This involved providing furniture, clothing, supplies, food, language assistance, and help working with government agencies to address visa, health, education and employment concerns. Following the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2021, the team helped organize an RRUUC effort to provide apartment set-up support to another family, again in partnership with LSS.

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