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Engaging Pluralism

We take great pride in being a majority-minority county. We have 170 cultures with 162 languages spoken in our public schools and 44 percent of our residents are foreign-born or live with parents who are foreign-born. But to benefit from the extraordinary gifts that come with diversity, we need to go beyond “celebrating” diversity and learn to engage with it. Join guest minister Rev. Abhi Janamanchi, Senior Minister of the Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church, as we explore this topic.

Restless Souls

We are restless souls yearning to be understood. Inspired by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, guest minister, Rev. John T. Crestwell, Jr. of the UU Church of Annapolis, explores how learning to relate and understand each other is our highest calling and the key to creating beloved community.

A New Planetary Consciousness

Our ancient ancestors saw the Earth as a living, conscious organism filled with spirits that sometimes worked together and at other times battled for primacy. But then humanity domesticated the spirits and the planet became a dead carcass where we could extract whatever we chose. But all this did was separate us from each other and from the Web of Life. If we are to find our way out of no-way, we must reunite with the Infinite Spirit of Life that never went away. We must awaken to a planetary consciousness where connection and awe meet the logic and creativity of the modern world; to a greater understanding of how our collective fates are tied together.

Poetry Schmoetry!

Think that poetry is all old, stuffy words that sort of go on and on and you really aren’t sure what it’s all about? Well, that’s what Rev. Kären thought until she met Laura Solomon. Laura writes poetry, especially slam poetry, that inspires, motivates and gets the heart and brain pumping. Listen to how the spoken word in this form can be used for both spiritual practice and for resistance.

Love Lifts Us

The Sufi mystic Hafiz wrote, “I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness? She responded, ‘love lifts me’.” When our strength fails us, where do we turn? How do we nourish ourselves and others to move towards spiritual centering?