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Covenant: A Promise We Keep with Ourselves

People of free faith have long made agreements about how to be together as their best selves, in promises called covenants.  We explore the structure of this rich Unitarian tradition and the relationship to the many freedoms we affirm. This will launch a process of exploring a statement of covenant at River Road, led by the Covenant Task Force, at the request of the Board of Trustees.

A Free Faith

This Sunday, we’ll dig back into the roots of our liberal religious tradition.  What does it mean to be a free faith?  We are free from rigid orthodoxies, but bound to one another. We are loosed from ancient creeds, but loyal to something larger than ourselves.

Sing a New Song

Jason Shelton is one of the most prominent musicians and composers in the Unitarian Universalist tradition. In this service for all ages, he'll work with us to reflect on the history and commitments represented in the music of liberal religion, all while inviting us to sing a new song for a new day. Music makes us brave, and our voices raised together elevate us to new courage.

Slipping Through Your Hands

Rev Nancy McDonald Ladd & guest, Lual Mayen In this month of reflection on "letting go" we've looked at some of the things to be gained by this spiritual commitment to change. But what about the times when letting go isn't a choice? What about the things we treasure that are taken or that slip from our hands when we wish so much we could hold them tightly? And what awaits on the other side of all that we have lost?