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A Theology of Covenant and other Pandemic Lessons

11:00 Special Service with Cedar Lane and Fairfax! The pandemic has shown us more clearly the ways we are interconnected and responsible to and for each other. How does this change the way we think about covenant in and across our congregations. What new practices does it call us to? This Potomac Partnership Worship will … read more

Stories as Doorways

How do the stories we tell shape the future?  Is it possible that our stories can be portals or gateways into some new reality we haven’t yet created?  Is a story a doorway between one version of the world and the next, and how are we going to choose the stories we tell about this … read more

Trapped in Simple Stories

Human beings are storytelling creatures, but sometimes our stories have a way of getting too simple.  Sometimes we let the conventional telling of a story limit our perceptions of what’s possible.  Can we tell stories about ourselves and our world that are complex, honest and compelling at the same time?