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Hope is the Match

Hope is our theme for the month of January.  This week, we’ll reflect on the idea that hope is not an end in itself, but a propelling force that pushes us out into courage and commitment.  It is a starting point.  And we all have to start the next part of our journey somewhere.

Music of Heaven and Earth

Annual Holiday Music Service, Clif Hardin, Director of Music, with reflections by Rev Louise Green and Rev Nancy McDonald Ladd. The River Road Choir brings choral pieces that celebrate the beauty of the here and now along with music that reflects the transcendent glory of the universe.

Beauty, Justice, and Grace

This Sunday, Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd will preach from the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe, who is said to have appeared in a shower of roses.  How does beauty fuel the building of a better world?  Could it be that appreciation of beauty is the very thing that makes us human?

Intercultural Beauty, Multicultural Commitment

This month, we kick off our holiday theme of “Beauty,” by looking at the grace and beauty that are inherent in a truly multicultural reality.  Our guest speakers are authors and organizers in the UU People of Color Story Project who can testify to the moments of grace we touch when we are truly interconnected.  Special guest musician Joshua Long will also bring his voice to our congregational singing.