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The Chalice of Resistance

Zeb Green is the UU intern serving the Washington Ethical Society in DC.  He explores the history of Unitarian Universalism and civil resistance.Just returning from an Institute on nonviolence with civil rights leaders, Zeb applys those lessons to our faith as we strive to build a more loving and less oppressive world.

No Child is Just Somebody Else's Child in Beloved Community

In the words of Jan Eller Isaacs, “No child is just somebody else’s child in beloved community”.   We ask, what does it take to give our children the world we dream of for them?  How do we have to be to give them and ourselves that gift.  Minister Intern Alexa Fraser was lucky enough to go to the Revolutionary Love conference in New York City this spring, and she will bring back highlights of that transformative experience.

To Refresh and Renew - Realistic or Pipedream?

As springtime fades and we waltz into summer. We explore taking time to refresh and renew. With stories, songs and reflections, we look at what this time of year can bring us.

Think it Possible That You May Be Mistaken

Standing before the Assembled Church of Scotland in 1650, Oliver Cromwell famously rather colorfully implored the gathered religious leaders to reconsider their own theological certitude.  “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ,” he said, “think it possible that you may be mistaken.” On Rev. Nancy’s last Sunday in the pulpit before three months of sabbatical, we’ll grapple with the limits of our own certitude and ponder what it would take to open ourselves up to new viewpoints and changing wisdom.

To Hustle Bustle or to Behold

There is an old, familiar story about two women who loved Jesus – Martha, who busied herself with all sorts of things and Mary, who just sat there and beheld him.  Love asks both of us – the blessing of serving each other and the wonder of just beholding. How can we balance both – as parents, as friends, as companions on our journey?