Music to accompany the March 15 service:
“Deep Peace” by Clif Hardin, performed by the River Road Choir



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Life Off Balance

In these anxious times, it can feel like the elusive promised land is something like “balance.” Balance between commitments. Balance upon the tightrope of life. Balance of mind, body and spirit. Yet even the most balanced among us are making constant adjustments to maintain that poise. Is there a time to embrace the fact that life is always a little out of balance?

Organizing Our Hearts, Building Our Future

We'll explore liberation through the lens of faith-based organizing. As UUs we are socially aware, civically engaged, and justice-seeking -- we know the power of organizing. How can we use our shared faith to bring shape to the movements dear to our hearts and help build loving and lasting communities? How can we build partnerships with those outside our walls and one another?