Are you considered a warm person – even in the winter?

Want to serve your congregation but not go to meetings, write reports, or sit quietly in one spot?

The Welcome Team is looking for some warm people – a few friendly, gracious, happy folks –  to greet congregants and represent the congregation on Sundays.


Contact: Sheri Blanchette, or call her at 301-229-0400 x 102


Build relationships, develop community, and provide support to others.
Be part of the Ministry of Action.

Would you like to deepen your connections to the wonderful people in this community? The Ministry of Action provides a variety of ways to build relationships with one another. Might you be able to staff the greeting card table once a month? Might you want to give a ride  to a fellow congregant who can’t drive right now? These are great opportunities for those who are free during the day. Please email Alexa Fraser, Ministerial Intern.


Help in the Office!

We’d love some help with administrative duties here at the RRUUC office. If you could spare some time to answer phones or work on folding, stuffing, and editing and other tasks as they may arise on please contact Jessie at