Do you have professional experience in safety or security?

We’re forming a Safety Task Force that will guide the development of Emergency Plans, help inform policies related to safety and security, and advise on practices that will help RRUUC be a safe space for staff and building users. We will be addressing a broad range of situations, such as building evacuation, shelter-in-place, medical and weather emergencies, and active shooter/threatening individuals. This will be a limited time commitment effort – we’re primarily looking for experience and an understanding of best practices in this area. Please contact Ana Lim with questions or if you are interested in participating.

Help fill the seats on Sunday!

Want to serve your congregation but not go to meetings, write reports, or sit quietly in one spot? The Welcome Team is looking for some warm people – a few friendly, gracious, happy folks –  to greet congregants and represent the congregation on Sundays.

Contact: Naan Pocen, Membership Assistant

Pastoral Care Action Team

Action volunteers support fellow congregants through deeds in several areas including the Sunday Card Table, Kitchen Ministry, Rides & Meal Delivery, and Event Support (memorials, baby dedications, etc.)

If you are interested in being part of the Pastoral Care Action Team, please read more here.

Teach RE!

Work with our children and youth!  Sign up to teach, guide, lead, or advise in our Religious Education classes. Fill out this form or contact Gabrielle Farrell, Lifespan Religious Educator or Beth Irikura, Religious Educator for Youth.

Help in the Office

We’d love some help with administrative duties here at the RRUUC office. If you could spare some time to answer phones or work on folding, stuffing, and editing and other tasks as they may arise on please contact Jessie at