The three “pillars” of our congregation’s vision are: fellowship, spirit, and service. Each of these calls us into relationship with each other, with the sacred as we understand it, and finally with the world through acts of love and service.

Service, through social justice and acts of love, draws us into deeper relationship with both the world as it is and the world as it could be.

There are so many ways to lead and to serve here at River Road. We are blessed to have many different task forces and action teams connected to the Social Justice Ministry that helps to coordinate our efforts.

We believe social justice should be fundamentally relational. What we do is so much more effective when we do it together, especially with partnering stakeholders and organizations outside of our doors. From broad-based community organizing, to racial justice, environmental activism and direct services to those in need, the social justice ministries offer many ways to leverage your capacity to create change.

  • If there’s an active task force whose work you care about, contact the social justice ministry team at
  • If you’re interested in working together to build a new social justice initiative and have at least five others who are interested, contact the social justice ministry team.
  • To find out more about what’s happening this month, you can look at our Social Justice Calendar.
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  • Offer financial resources to our partner organizations and initiatives through our monthly Social Justice Giving.