Women’s Prophetic Voices

Alexa Fraser Ministerial Intern

Universalist Jane Leade (1624-1704) published 7 books on her Universalist theology – and few UUs have ever heard of her or her prophetic message.  What did she say, what did it take to say it, and why do we give a hoot?  This sermon will touch on Jane and explore her relevance to  our lives today.

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  1. Seminary for a Day: the Black Hole in the White UU Psyche with Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed

    March 24 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


My spouse and I were looking for a spiritual home where our children could grow and learn. River Road is a family-friendly congregation offering quality religious education for children of all ages, including a popular and active teen group. On Sunday morning, you’ll find inspiring and thought-provoking sermons, superb music and friendly people. Every day of the week, this building is full of caring folks working together to effect positive change in our community. I have been cherished and challenged and supported by this community.

~ Lisa

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