General Note Regarding the Covid 19 Pandemic:

While we have extra guidelines that our own congregation will be following, we simply ask that all renters follow local, state, and national health mandates when holding events in our building. Further asks may arise to ensure the comfort of our staff, and we ask that you follow our requests in that event.

Currently there is a mask mandate in place in Montgomery County: find more details on that here.

A few notes on adaptations we are making:

  • We will be closing the Sanctuary Balcony to seating for the time being. Please talk to our event planner about alternate options for overflow seating if that is an issue, as we are working on adding alternate overflow options with a/v support.
  • We ask that guests stick to the areas in which their events are held rather than exploring other parts of our building so that we might best keep track of which areas need cleaning, and invite adults and children to instead explore our wonderful native plants garden out back of our building if they feel the need to stretch their legs.
    • For similar reasons, for events in the Sanctuary, please only use the Lounge bathrooms unless directed by the Building Manager or RRUUC Event Planner. We will assign additional bathrooms if your event is of a scale where they are called for.
  • We are working on a large A/V upgrade project to allow us to offer event livestreaming. If there are cameras in use for your event or if you see one in storage, please do not touch the cameras and please monitor children attending your event to keep them from touching them. If you need a camera moved, please discuss it with our Building Manager.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility in this very weird time to be alive. If you would like to hear about any of the covid 19 safety precautions (air cleaners, increased ventilation, sterilization procedures, etc.) that we are offering please get in touch with our Event Planner for more details.


RRUUC is handicapped accessible. There are fully accessible restrooms on the upper and lower floors that can be reached via the elevator in the main entrance foyer.

Alcoholic Beverages:

Only wine and beer may be served. Maryland state law must be observed, especially no service to minors. If your event will have wine and beer for sale or included in an admission fee, then you must obtain a special one-day Class C license from the Montgomery County Dept of Liquor Control. Information is on the web at the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control website or by phoning (240)777-1000. Wine and beer provided without charge requires no license.


Only trained service animals are allowed inside. Dogs are allowed on the grounds but must be kept on a leash outside with a designated person to watch over them. For all other animals, further discussion, and possible exceptions please contact our Event Planner.

Damage or Injury:

The renter is responsible for any property damage, loss, or personal injury resulting from the renter’s use of RRUUC premises. The typical homeowner or organization liability insurance may cover such rentals, but the renter should check with the insurance agent to verify.


Extra chairs that are not required must remain in the Fellowship Hall or the Sanctuary. They may be stacked against the walls or they may be removed for an extra fee.


Children must be supervised at all times. You are welcome to rent a classroom for childcare purposes if you would like to hire a babysitter to watch children while a larger event goes on elsewhere in the building.


Bulletin boards and other pictures and wall decorations will remain in place. Nothing is to be removed or rearranged without prior approval from the Administrator or Event Coordinator. Decorations for your event must be placed with care so that there is no damage to the building or furniture.

  • Confetti of any kind (birdseed, rice, glitter, flower petals, and/or confetti) may NOT be used for decorations or thrown either in the building or outside. Bubbles and flower petals may be used outside.
  • Helium balloons are prohibited anywhere inside the building as they may set off our fire alarms.
  • Tape Please please do NOT put tape on our building as it will ruins the wood’s finish and leave scuff marks on the walls. You may use blue painter’s tape on the walls for signage or decorations, but that is the only variety we allow.
  • Tacks Do not use thumbtacks on our walls for signage or anything else.
  • Do NOT hang things on light fixtures or any other fixtures without checking in with our building manager first


RRUUC cannot be responsible for deliveries from caterers, florists and furniture rental, etc. to the building or for things left before, during or after your event. Please coordinate with the office any deliveries and pickups you schedule for here outside of your event time.

Hours of Operation: 

We generally operate from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on weekdays and 8:00 am to 9 pm on weekends. Any events scheduled for outside these hours may incur additional fees.


Sinks, stoves and counter space are available for to rent. Refrigerator space must be arranged for in advance and availability depends on church events. No utensils, pots, linens or paper/plastic goods (other than paper towels and trashcan liners) are available.

Lost and Found:

RRUUC cannot be responsible for items left before, during or after your event in the building.


There are approximately 86 parking slots in the Church parking areas. Please honor the handicapped parking spaces; please do not park in reserved parking spaces; and do not park in the designated fire lanes.


Absolutely no food, drink, or anything else is allowed on the pianos. There is a small piano fee for each rental usage that goes towards regular maintenance. Any questions regarding the tuning or condition of the pianos or use of the organ may be referred to the Event Coordinator. The pianos cannot be placed on the stage under any circumstances.

Rental Charges:

Fees are determined from the time the building users, including caterers, etc., need access to the facility to the time they leave. Adequate time to set up and clean up after the event must be included in the rental time allotted.

Seating Capacity:

The Sanctuary seating capacity is approximately 285. The balcony will seat an additional 60 people. You can seat approximately 150 in the Fellowship Hall.

Smoking Prohibited: 

Please announce at your event that River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation has designated its building as a NO Smoking building.

Sound System and Projector:

The sound system and/or projector may be used only by prior arrangement. Basic use of the sound system is included in Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall rentals. Anything beyond that must be coordinated with the administrative office. An AV tech capable of running the Sanctuary’s projector and sound system for you is potentially available for an additional fee by prior arrangement with the office.  Classroom monitors are off limits to renters unless you have arranged an exception with the Event Coordinator.

Trash & Recycling:

RRUUC is committed to reducing trash by recycling. There are single stream recycling bins as well as trash cans located throughout the building.  Do not put plastic bags in the recycling bins.

Building users are responsible for taking the trash generated by their event to the dumpster. There are Recycle bins in the kitchen and a Recycle container next to the dumpster.

Please keep yourselves and our property safe by following the aforementioned rules. Thank you!