Our most spiritually-oriented space is the Sanctuary, where we hold our Sunday services. It seats up to 285 with another 90 chairs available in the Lounge, or for a sit down dinner the Sanctuary sits a maximum of about 200, with another 60 perhaps out in the lounge.  A piano is available on request.

We have an excellent sound system and can supply you with a podium mic, a headset mic, up to 5 wireless handheld mics, or a bluetooth audio connection and a 3.5 mm audio jack so that you can plug a phone or an mp3 player directly into our sound system. You’re also welcome to use the three block pedestals in different heights for flowers or any other presentation purposes you might like, or we have an assortment of small tables we can put out for you should you need them on the stage or elsewhere.

Our projection system is available by advance arrangement to hire a member of our tech team, or you are also invited to bring your own projector. We can offer you a pop up projection stand or you can project directly onto the back white wall of the Sanctuary for a screening of any size.

​You can choose have us set up chairs in whatever orientation you wish- just let us know what you’d like and our custodial staff will set it up in advance accordingly. We generally recommend facing the windows into the garden for smaller, more intimate services and the stage for larger events especially when sight lines are important, but both work beautifully for most events. Please feel free to consult our event planner for further options.

Adjoining the Sanctuary outside of the windows is a small yard that renters are welcome to use at no extra charge provided there are no conflicts: there is also a small memorial garden with benches, and the our wonderful Springsview Garden with several small walking trails are in the woods behind and available for use. Please discuss with our event planner if you’re interested in using those spaces separately from a room rental.


The Lounge comes free with the rental of the Sanctuary- it adjoins the Sanctuary behind sliding wooden doors and we often use it for small standing receptions- it was in fact our coffee hour space until our addition was built. It has bathrooms and a coat closet attached and doubles as a walkway to the Fellowship Building, and can also be an option for overflow seating for Sanctuary events.

Fellowship Hall

The Fellowship Hall is our second largest space right down the bridge to the right of the Lounge, opened in 2008 to answer our growing space needs. Audience style it fits 150 chairs but we most often use it as a reception hall. Art exhibitions cycle through regularly and we’ve got a nice sound system in there too- let us know if you need an audio jack or wireless mics there. A piano is available on request, and the balcony-style windows slide open for increased ventilation if desired.


The Kitchen is right across from the Fellowship Hall. Should you choose to rent the kitchen you’ll be welcome to use the stove, oven, toaster, microwave, sinks, coffee maker, dishwasher, and fridges. Please note that we do not rent out pots, pans, dishes or flatware, and that you would have to bring those if needed.

Fireside Room​

Upstairs from the Sanctuary to the left down the office hallway we have the Fireside Room, which fits about 80 chairs lecture style. It also has a fine sound system installed with wireless mics or a podium mic as an option, plus a projector and screen. The Fireside Plaza (a paved area) across the hall from it comes free with its rental as available, and is ideal for outdoor gatherings.

All three of our largest rooms have baby grand pianos that are available for a small fee that goes towards their maintenance and our custodians will be happy to set up and take down any chair or table arrangements you need.  We have 14 8’x2.5′ rectangular tables that seat 10 and 8 5′ rounds that seat 8 that you’re welcome to draw from as well as a smattering of smaller options, and if you find you need more you’re welcome to bring in more from outside.

A number of classrooms are also available for meetings, workshops, classes, etc.:

Room​ 32

Room 32 is our largest classroom, and has a square footage of 629 sq. ft, and like all our classrooms comes with a monitor available for rental use. It can fit about 42 people max in rows of chairs facing the monitor or windows.

Room 31

Room 30 is our next largest classroom and has a square footage of 456 sq.ft., and it’s great for meetings. It gets excellent natural light and also has a monitor available. It shares a divider with Room 30 (currently in use by a local food pantry) and in years where they aren’t there that can be withdrawn to make one, larger room.

20s Series Classrooms

We also have five smaller classrooms, fitting about 15 each. Rooms 22 and 24 are 295 sq. ft. and Rooms 21, 23, and 25 are 272 sq. ft. They are perfect for smaller meetings and have more budget-friendly pricing. Photos coming soon!

Please also see our Building Use Rules and Regulations page for more pandemic-related updates.

We hope you consider us for your event!