Speaker: Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd Senior Minister

Living With Intention

A live online service from the sanctuary, featuring storytelling and reflection from Rev. Nancy and a special guided meditation recorded just for us by Tara Brach. Can we center down and reset, with intention and feeling, here at this time of turning? This will be a service of peace, spiritual practice and meditation. This service will … read more

Christmas Eve Services

Christmas Eve Pageant, 4pm This year we return to our long tradition of celebrating the holy birth of every child by retelling the story of Christmas! All are welcome as the children of RRUUC act out the story and featured performers share some familiar beloved music. This service will not be livestreamed. Click here to … read more

Joy is the Antidote

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his Holiness the Dalai Lama recently reflected that joy itself is an antidote to the alienation and isolation of these times.  Building on Kirsten’s introduction to the subject last week, how do we cultivate this powerful medicine in ourselves and in this holiday season? Pre-register for ONE service at 10:00 here. 10am service … read more

The Many Lives We Live

In Hinduism, there is the essential concept of ashramas, or stages of life. Each stage carries different kinds of skill, knowledge, and wisdom, and each has the potential to find us stuck, unable to proceed to something new. How can we shake ourselves loose from one self so that we can find the courage to … read more

On a Dark and Stormy Night

We dream of imaginary monsters because we have real fears. Sometimes we make monsters seem cool and mysterious because we ourselves are enchanted by the edges between life and death. This sermon will use history and legend to tell the story of one such beautiful monster. Inspired by River Roaders Suzyn Smith-Webb and Jana Kirkman, this one … read more

The Thing and the Symbol of the Thing

Rev. Nancy preaches often that real relationships have to be at the core of our commitments – in the congregation and in the world. This sermon, inspired by River Roader Jon Kerner, invites us to get beyond the temptation of symbolic or transactional relationships and toward some sense of real mutuality and shared accountability. As a colleague … read more

Cultivating Relationship

There is an idea in the Book of Genesis that all the earth is planted like a garden – tended by the holy so that all things were “very good.” How is that garden of first-beginnings planted not in isolation, but in a network of truly intertwined relationships? Pre-register for our TWO services at 10:00 and … read more

Before, After, Always

What parts of us persist over time? What has changed in a way that might never quite come back, and what changes do we welcome with our whole selves? There is the before and after in our lives – and then there is the always – what sustains and persists through it all. Pre-register for our TWO … read more