Speaker: Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd Senior Minister

For Such a Time as This

How many times during the last few months have you heard someone begin a sentence with a cliche like the title of this sermon? What words do you hear over and over in a loop as people try to make meaning of what we’re living … read more.

Say and Do Sunday

This Sunday, River Road UU Congregation and the UU Congregation of Fairfax will join for a shared online Sunday morning experience that invites us to both speak of what our country can be and act to help bring it toward our highest … read more.

What Matters Now

Crisis has a way of shifting our priorities, resetting the playing board, and demanding that we reconsider what matters most. Is there anything you’re letting go of these days? What essential re-focusing is taking place in your heart and in our world?

The Wild Edge of Sorrow

Here in the height of Spring, as new possibilities arise amidst such sorrow, we’ll think about the wild, emerging, growing edge of life informed by that sorrow.  How do our sorrows shape us in powerful and sometimes beautiful ways?