Speaker: Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd Senior Minister

Cultivating Relationship

There is an idea in the Book of Genesis that all the earth is planted like a garden – tended by the holy so that all things were “very good.” How is that garden of first-beginnings planted not in isolation, but in a network of truly intertwined relationships? Pre-register for our TWO services at 10:00 and … read more

Before, After, Always

What parts of us persist over time? What has changed in a way that might never quite come back, and what changes do we welcome with our whole selves? There is the before and after in our lives – and then there is the always – what sustains and persists through it all. Pre-register for our TWO … read more

Yes, No, Maybe: The Answer is Under Construction

What is the answer we want to the biggest questions?  When do we find power in “yes,” in “no,” and perhaps even in “maybe?” – especially in these ever-changing times. Pre-register for TWO services at 10:00 and 12:00! 10am service will be online and in person; 12pm service is only in person.

Walking the Second Marathon

Here we are at the end of a full-out marathon.  In a spiritual and emotional sense, so many of us have been running full-out since the pandemic began – but just when we thought we were at the finish line – a whole second marathon begins.  Can we walk the second marathon, lovingly, carefully – … read more

Persistence in Practice

Register for upcoming services now! Join us online or register in advance for worship IN PERSON at 10:00 for this very first “soft-open” Sunday! How do ritual and habit serve to build resilience in our spiritual lives?  How can we cultivate habits that expand our hearts and keep us going even in hard times?  Sign … read more

Evening Vespers at Seneca Creek State Park

Join us for an evening together at the Buck Pavilion in Seneca Creek State Park (11950 Clopper Road, Gaithersburg, MD). At 5:30pm we’ll gather for a picnic potluck at the pavilion, followed by a music-filled evening vespers at 6:30pm. No registration necessary, $3.00 entry fee at the front gate, and just follow the signs toward … read more

Aliens, Encounters, and Rich Guys in Space

Each summer, Rev. Nancy promises a “big science sermon,” and this one has gone to a whole new dimension.  A little bit science, a little bit history, we’ll look at whether first encounters across the barriers of difference could be anything other than the unmitigated disaster stories history often shows them to be.

For Good

What does it mean to be good?  To do good?  What does it mean to choose something “for good” or on behalf of “the greater good?”  This service will playfully and philosophically explore goodness itself – as an aspect of our individual and communal identities.

Meadville Lombard in the Pulpit

This weekend Rev. Nancy will be preaching for us and for her alma mater Meadville Lombard! She will deliver a sermon on “Going to the Well of Living Waters,” based on the Gospel of John 4:1-26.  A special musical guest is Mark Miller, faculty at Drew Theological School, and the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale University. This will … read more