Speaker: Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd Senior Minister

Meeting the Moment

Stewardship Kickoff  This Sunday we’ll lift up all the ways in which each of us as individuals and as a congregation are meeting the moment each and every day.  As we kick off our stewardship campaign, we’ll ponder what it is that community means to us, especially in times like this.

Side With Love Sunday

Together with Unitarian Universalists around the country, we’ll join in a shared national UU worship that celebrates our faith’s commitment to love and justice. Join us to hear many voices preaching and singing our shared values!

To Be Beloved

In this service, we’ll look at the history of the term “beloved community,” tracing it through Unitarian history, Martin Luther King and beyond.  We’ll also ask what it feels like to truly be beloved and what we can do to create that feeling for others.

I Can’t Imagine

Has anyone ever said, “I can’t imagine,” in response to the hardest stories you have to tell? Ever wonder if they really mean that – that they can’t? Or maybe they don’t want to? This week we’ll explore the ways in which imagination serves as a gateway to empathy

The Disinherited in Every Age

Martin Luther King said that he carried a copy of Howard Thurman’s 1949 book, “Jesus and the Disinherited” with him throughout his entire ministry for justice and equity. What does it mean for a disinherited people to be the primary concern of faith? Who is disinherited in every age – what does it take to upend the … read more

Who We Are

Rev. Nancy will reflect on the events of this week, including the fact that some continue to claim this violence and oppression “is not who we are.” Who are we, then? And how willing are we to allow our imaginations to grasp the real answers to that question?

How to Fight

The great Vietnamese Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh spent his life working toward a world in which our anger can turn toward high purpose.  How can compassion suffuse our deepest anger?  Can we imagine a way that even our fights can be mindful and authentic? 

Swimming to the Other Side

Here at the turning of the year, we’ll welcome special music from the amazing duo, Emma’s Revolution. Working together with Rev. Nancy, they’ll reflect on what it takes to keep on moving forward into all that beckons with a new year.

Sitting with the Darkness, What Is and What Could Be

This year’s solstice finds us each in a different place than we would’ve imagined last year. But while some things change, some things still stay the same. The solstice is a time for deep reflection and presence – a time to pay attention to what is and what could be as we move into this … read more

Be Quiet Child, Be Quiet

For centuries, mystics and teachers have withdrawn into quiet places of the heart to make room for something deeper to present itself. Does your inner monologue seem a little shouty these days? Maybe a little busy? Could the holiday season bring a time of stillness and silence where all that chatter often is?