Speaker: Rev. Amanda Weatherspoon Associate Minister

Hidden Wholeness

As we explore what it means to cultivate relationship, we tap into what it means to nurture our relationship to our spirituality. As Unitarian Universalists, we are pluralistic in nature, and it’s often easy to deprioritize our spiritual connection – especially for those of us who do not identify as spiritual. But how can tapping into our … read more

We Can Do Hard Things

In a society that rushes us through the “bad” to get to the “good,” how do we make space for what is hard? How do we – as author and podcaster Glennon Doyle puts it – “Help each other carry the hard so we can all live a little bit lighter and braver, more free and … read more

Yes, No, Maybe: The Answer is Under Construction

What is the answer we want to the biggest questions?  When do we find power in “yes,” in “no,” and perhaps even in “maybe?” – especially in these ever-changing times. Pre-register for TWO services at 10:00 and 12:00! 10am service will be online and in person; 12pm service is only in person.

Blessing of the Animals

Join us for our annual Blessing of the Animals service. This is a time to explore what it means to be truly interconnected to the planet and all living beings. We will hear a message from Jane Goodall and explore ways to get involved with our Animal Ministry team here at RRUUC. Remember to gather … read more

How It Feels to Be Free

As we put in the work to bring about the Beloved Community, we take pause to explore what Freedom, Justice, and Liberty really mean in our daily lives and the lives of those around us. How do we create the world we long for and cultivate the love that’s living in our hearts? What does … read more

The New Not-So-Normal

Now that we’ve gotten in the swing of pandemic life, we find ourselves beginning to transition out of it… but what are we transitioning to? After a year of being asked to embrace the “new normal”, we find ourselves dancing between the old way, the pandemic way, and the new not-so-normal way that is born … read more

Transcending the Binary

As our world is breaking open with new possibilities of defining ourselves and understanding one another, we often find barriers to becoming who we truly are. Sometimes it seems as though society has decided for us who we are supposed to be, often giving us very little options for authentic growth. How can we transcend … read more

A Community of Communities

We are a congregation of action and service – we show up for our community and the wider world in a myriad of ways, but how do we show up for one another? As we work to bring the Beloved Community to the wider world, we pause to explore what Beloved Community looks like right … read more

From Imagination to Action

Imagination exists on many different planes in our lives – from the abstract to the practical. How can the shift from imagination to action be transformative in our lives and the world? How has this transformation shaped our community over the last 11 months? How can we tap into the creative spirit of imagination to continue to … read more