Speaker: Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd Senior Minister

To Greet Each Morning

As our theme this month, we’ll look at the fine and wavering line between what is sacred and what is ordinary. Even when we look at our history and our congregation’s history, seemingly ordinary moments take on a new power if we choose to bless them as sacred.

The State of Resistance in 2019

This first part of a two-part series asks what it means to be part of the resistance in a complicated time. What are you personally called to resist? What are the forms that resistance can take in our lives, in our communities, in our world? And how might resistance be tied up with our spiritual … read more

How to Love a Country

Our country’s fifth inaugural poet, Richard Blanco, famously read a poetic love song to the nation in January of 2013. This Veterans Day weekend, we’ll read that poem again in honor of all those who love and serve the deepest visions of this country.

10 Rules To Be More Human

Jean Vanier is a Canadian philosopher, theologian, and the founder of L’Arche communities. Last year upon turning 90, he shared his thoughts on life and on growing older with his “ten rules for life to become more human”. Please join us as we learn more from his insights and wisdom.

Gathering Up the Fragments

In a famous story from the Christian scriptures, Jesus invites his friends to collect all the leftovers from the meal that fed 5000 people by asking them to “Gather up the fragments so that none may be lost.”  How do we gather up the fragments of meaning and sustenance in our lives and what does … read more


As summer passes toward fall, this week we’ll reflect on the beauty of impermanent things, the toasts we make in breakable glasses, and the wonder of what we cannot keep.

The Interdependent Web

Every Summer, Rev. Nancy preaches one “big science sermon.”  This year, we’ll look at both the theological and scientific basis for asserting (as our 7th principle does) that we are a part of an interdependent web of all existence.  

Nahshon and the First Step

In the stories told of the Hebrew Exodus, teachers have long recounted the tale of Nahshon – the one who took the very first step into the Red Sea before it parted, without whose courage the freedom of the people could not be won. Who takes the first step toward freedom today?  

Question Box Service!

We are a faith tradition that values questions – lots of questions. Have a question you’ve been pondering about spirituality, religion, our congregation’s life together, or your own journey?  This Sunday Rev. Nancy will answer your questions, moderated by Lay Worship Leader Susan Messina. Submit your questions by Sat., June 22 in the box on … read more