Speaker: Rev Kären Rasmussen

“Can Creatures of Different Species Get Along?” Animal Blessing Service

Join Rev. Kären, the Animal Ministry Team, and our animal companions for this multigenerational worship service. With story and song, we’ll talk about friendship and trust that cross the boundaries of species. Your pets are very welcome! Please be sure they are leashed or contained in a way that makes it safe and comfortable for … read more

Forswear thy Foolish Ways!

With songs and stories from the musical Godspell, we take a look at Mary Magdalene, sin and being imperfect people as we build a Beautiful City together. Come and join Rev. Kären as we enjoy some music from Godspell and have a little chat about our all too human imperfections.

The Gospel According to Biff

This service is taken from the book “Lamb: the Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal” which is written by Christopher Moore. Join Rev. Kären as we take a look at the roles of humor, sarcasm and cynicism both in UUism and in our lives. Wait, what? There might be some sarcasm and cynicism in … read more

The Rich Young Man

The story of the Rich Young Man is taken from the Gospel of Mark and invites us to use our imagination.  I mean really, imagine being Jesus all those centuries ago! The story also invites us to think about how we perceive each other and ourselves.