Speaker: Alexa Fraser Ministerial Intern

Women’s Prophetic Voices

Universalist Jane Leade (1624-1704) published 7 books on her Universalist theology – and few UUs have ever heard of her or her prophetic message.  What did she say, what did it take to say it, and why do we give a hoot?  This sermon will touch on Jane and explore her relevance to  our lives today.

Theology & Pajamas: A Good Mix for New Year’s Eve

Hang out in the sanctuary, in your pjs, and lets talk about Unitarian Universalism.  Yes, an inter-generational service in pajamas with coco, coffee and tea to develop your own answer to the question “What is Unitarian Universalism anyway?”  Your intern will be there in her new cat theme pajamas, join in the fun and learning.

Thanksgiving Lessons in Living

Family people are unlike any people we know.  We’ve known them forever, or maybe more challenging they’ve know us forever. We are close and have drifted, or are getting closer or just love them up.  And they can be challenging, in times like these they can be really challenging. Come come and explore how clans relate … read more

The Art of Receiving

RRUUCers are generous in their giving, and sometimes more hesitant to receive. How might receiving enhance our spiritual growth and connections to others? What would more fearless receiving look like?