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Aliens, Encounters, and Rich Guys in Space

Each summer, Rev. Nancy promises a “big science sermon,” and this one has gone to a whole new dimension.  A little bit science, a little bit history, we’ll look at whether first encounters across the barriers of difference could be anything other than the unmitigated disaster stories history often shows them to be.

Life After the 8th

We mark the passage of time, label the progress of amendments, and add to lists with numbers. Join Rev. Christin Green to explore several significant “8ths” in U.S. and UU history so we might consider how to collectively live into this transformative time. This service will broadcast live via Zoom by UU Fairfax- look for your Saturday … read more

Blessing of the Animals

Join us for our annual Blessing of the Animals service. This is a time to explore what it means to be truly interconnected to the planet and all living beings. We will hear a message from Jane Goodall and explore ways to get involved with our Animal Ministry team here at RRUUC. Remember to gather … read more

For Good

What does it mean to be good?  To do good?  What does it mean to choose something “for good” or on behalf of “the greater good?”  This service will playfully and philosophically explore goodness itself – as an aspect of our individual and communal identities.

Being Spiritual AND Religious

“Being privately spiritual but not religious just doesn’t interest me. There is nothing challenging about having deep thoughts all by yourself. What is interesting is doing this work in community, where other people might call you in on your stuff, or disagree with you.  The service will explore what it might mean to be both … read more

How It Feels to Be Free

As we put in the work to bring about the Beloved Community, we take pause to explore what Freedom, Justice, and Liberty really mean in our daily lives and the lives of those around us. How do we create the world we long for and cultivate the love that’s living in our hearts? What does … read more

The United States of Reparations

All Souls Church Unitarian On this day, the United States commemorates the Declaration of Independence.  However it is time for this country to create a new declaration – one that involves emotional, spiritual and financial reparations to descendants of slavery, America’s Original Sin. The time is now – and accomplishing this will truly make July … read more

UUA General Assembly Sunday Worship

Last year, over 10,000 Unitarian Universalists from around the nation joined together online for the UUA’s annual General Assembly Sunday service.  This year we’ll feature the ministry team from First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, whose model of shared leadership has helped them to bring spiritual care and moral courage to their city in the wake … read more

Meadville Lombard in the Pulpit

This weekend Rev. Nancy will be preaching for us and for her alma mater Meadville Lombard! She will deliver a sermon on “Going to the Well of Living Waters,” based on the Gospel of John 4:1-26.  A special musical guest is Mark Miller, faculty at Drew Theological School, and the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale University. This will … read more