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Ring the Bells that Still Can Ring: A Covid Memorial Service

This service will serve as a time honor and remember all that we have lost in the last year.  It will be a time to grieve,  to give praise, and to begin becoming something new as we emerge into the Spring and beyond.   After the online service, which will feature the debut of new videos … read more

The Necessary Conditions for Transfiguration

This Easter Sunday, we’ll tell the story of a man who died long ago, only to become a whole new thing on the other side of the story.  What are the conditions necessary for anything to become a whole new thing?  For the re-making that comes when we are un-done and put back together again?  … read more

Transcending the Binary

As our world is breaking open with new possibilities of defining ourselves and understanding one another, we often find barriers to becoming who we truly are. Sometimes it seems as though society has decided for us who we are supposed to be, often giving us very little options for authentic growth. How can we transcend … read more

Our Year (Kind Of) Apart

In this service, Rev. Nancy will be one among a diverse group of clergy colleagues across the country reflecting on the ways we have found hope in our communities during this year of online community.  From the desert of the US southern border, to Louisiana New England and right here in our nation’s capital, we’ll … read more

A Whisper Over One Shoulder

This Sunday we begin our new monthly spiritual theme of commitment using a story about temptation and renewal from the Christian scriptures.  What is it that tempts you away from your commitments?  Maybe not a little devil on your shoulder, but perhaps a deep exhaustion in your heart?  How can we re-commit to what matters … read more

Meeting the Moment

Stewardship Kickoff  This Sunday we’ll lift up all the ways in which each of us as individuals and as a congregation are meeting the moment each and every day.  As we kick off our stewardship campaign, we’ll ponder what it is that community means to us, especially in times like this.

A Community of Communities

We are a congregation of action and service – we show up for our community and the wider world in a myriad of ways, but how do we show up for one another? As we work to bring the Beloved Community to the wider world, we pause to explore what Beloved Community looks like right … read more

Side With Love Sunday

Together with Unitarian Universalists around the country, we’ll join in a shared national UU worship that celebrates our faith’s commitment to love and justice. Join us to hear many voices preaching and singing our shared values!