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Big Friendship

This Sunday, we’ll look at the renewing the power of friendship, so often overlooked as a central relationship in our lives. How do our friendships hold us, and how can we cultivate “big friendship” even at a distance?

A Toolkit for Resilience

Join our religious education team and Rev. Nancy for an exploration of the rituals and practices that can ground our lives even in tumultuous times.  What practices of peace do you make space for in your life?  In the life of your family?

Living Water

Join us live as we share our water communion and reflect on the power of a living tradition and the gifts of an ever-changing collective call.  These days, we’re often hearing the phrase “New Normal” in regards to the many ways our lives are shifting and changing. While some of us embrace the new normal, … read more

Moral Responses to Our Climate Emergency

This lay-led service calls upon us to consider, as Archbishop Desmond Tutu said, that climate change and its consequences are a moral challenge.  Evelyn Jacob, Kathryn Gargurevich, and Nikia Popow, lead the service.  Martin Dieu, Robin Galbraith, Prem Grover, and Sophie Hutter provide personal reflections. This moral challenge invokes our 2nd principle (justice, equity, and … read more

Honoring the Reset

This year at our annual Animal Blessing service, we’ll explore the global reset we’re being collectively invited into. How do we experience the shift from being in dominion of the planet to being stewards of the gift we’ve been given? How do we honor life on this planet – not for human entertainment and consumption … read more

Spilled Paint and the Pandemic

Some weeks ago, during maintenance on our grounds, we spilled some paint right next to the crosswalk in front of the River Road building – and just when we thought that blotch was a blemish on the beauty all around us, our facilities manager turned it into a heart. What transformations are happening from the … read more

Being Anti-Racist, a Joint Worship Service

“The opposite of ‘racist’ isn’t ‘not racist.” It is ‘antiracist,” writes Dr. Ibram X. Kendi in his groundbreaking book How To Be An Anti-Racist. How do we become anti-racist as individuals and as a religious community? How are we proactively acting to dismantle systemic racism, and to implement policies that will measurably increase equity, and … read more