Hi River Roaders,

It’s been two years since our area has had over an inch of measurable snow. I was delighted to read a headline on a local newscast that the recent snow had overperformed forecasts. It’s the first time I had heard the phrase in the context of weather. It works. Let’s take a look at the eight or so inches of snow on our grounds this morning.

Our front path.

Our bell tower framed by American hollies on the front plaza.

A chilly Memorial Garden.

The new pond in the Memorial Garden.

More Memorial Garden.

Seed pods from last years butterfly weed on the front plaza wildflower garden.

Peeling bark on the river birches on the Fireside Patio.

Winter jasmine in bloom.

There are still berries on this Chinese holly by the Memorial Garden. The robins have already eaten all the berries of the American holly that is close by.

The only thing that has used the worship circle in Springsview Garden this week has been foxes and squirrels.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of our grounds. I expect we’ll be seeing more snow this year.