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Hi River Roaders, It’s been two years since our area has had over an inch of measurable snow. I was delighted to read a headline on a local newscast that … read more

August Wildflower Garden Tour

Hi River Roaders! Gardeners pay attention to weather. We monitor rainfall (this year is six inches down compared to average), temperature (over two degrees warmer than average year-to-date) and humidity … read more

Green Grow the Rashes Oh

Hi River Roaders, This month’s blog gives a tip of the hat to an early Robert Burns song. Many of the Grounding Blogs focus on “what’s blooming now,” and feature … read more

April Blooms

Hi River Roaders! It’s been awhile since my last Grounding blog post, and it feels good to get back to it. This month, we’ll take a look at what’s blooming … read more

Solstice Light

Hi River Roaders, I’ve always viewed our building as a sort of modern Stonehenge, with dramatic light patterns that change through the year. I’ve also wanted to document the patterns … read more

Fall Color

Hi River Roaders, There’s no way a photograph can truly capture what our eyes see. This is especially true in the fall, when the sun shining through brightly colored leaves … read more

Living with Nature

[content warning: this blog post contains 2 images of dead birds. If you anticipate this causing you trouble, please stop reading after the image of the American strawberry bush.] Hi … read more

Fantastic Fall

Hi River Roaders, Fall officially begins on September 20, but meteorologists and naturalists view September 1 as the start of fall. At the risk of being accused of alliterative abuse, … read more

Helping our Butterflies

Hi River Roaders, I hope you’ve been able to stop by this summer and check out the pollinator garden on our front plaza. Last spring, the Grounds Committee planted it … read more

Pollinator Plaza

Hi River Roaders. A little over a year ago, Jan planted a wildflower garden by the front plaza. The plants are all quite happy, especially with the added sun exposure … read more