Category: Grounding

Fantastic Fall

Hi River Roaders, Fall officially begins on September 20, but meteorologists and naturalists view September 1 as the start of fall. At the risk of being accused of alliterative abuse, … read more

Helping our Butterflies

Hi River Roaders, I hope you’ve been able to stop by this summer and check out the pollinator garden on our front plaza. Last spring, the Grounds Committee planted it … read more

Pollinator Plaza

Hi River Roaders. A little over a year ago, Jan planted a wildflower garden by the front plaza. The plants are all quite happy, especially with the added sun exposure … read more

Finding Beauty

Hi River Roaders, May was the perfect month for the worship theme of finding beauty. Here are some images from the past month on our grounds. If you build it … read more

Let the Light Shine In

Hi River Roaders, This past month we cut down five trees to allow more sun to shine directly onto the planned solar panel installation. This month we’ll take a look … read more

Meteorological Spring!

Spring officially begins at the equinox on March 20. However, meteorologists and naturalists consider March 1 to be the start of spring. It’s a great time to be outside and … read more

Before the Snow

Hi River Roaders, The photos I post to the blog are usually taken the month before the blog is published. This month is an exception. I took these photos in … read more


Hi River Roaders, I had a blog all ready to go this month, but decided to head to RRUUC this morning (Tuesday, January 4) to check out our grounds. The … read more


Hi River Roaders, I’ve always been an advocate of the Meister Eckhart quote, “If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” This month I’ll share … read more