RRUUC’s contemporary issues forum, Coffee Controversy & Conversation (CC&C) has been informing our members and guests for the past 35 years with over 30 programs per season. The weekly programs often focus on social justice issues, but also include an eclectic range of topics including foreign relations, U.S. security, state and federal government policy, art, history, nature and more. The weekly CC&C programs are held mid-Sep. through May at 10:25 – 11:10 am (between worship services.) This season is looking to be very diverse with many topical issues..

Additional resources – April 1 –Death with Dignity in Maryland” by Alexa Fraser, PhD – RRUUC Intern Minister

Several of you who couldn’t come and even some who did asked for a few resources:  Here you go. Diane Rehm on the topic https://dianerehm.org/shows/2014-07-07/choosing-die and the Compassion and Choices web site which has a wealth of information:  https://www.compassionandchoices.org/.  I’m happy to have private conversations about Aid in Dying with anyone who wants one.  Afraser@rruuc.org.  Alexa

Dr. Alexa Fraser’s beloved 90-year-old father, Alex, was dying from Parkinson’s disease.  He shot himself to end his life because Maryland law does not allow a peaceful death with dignity.  Alexa is a volunteer advocate to enact a medical aid in dying law in Maryland and the other 44 states without one.


April 22 – “Cultivating Inner Wisdom to Discern Truth from Illusion” by Carol Richardson, MDiv, MPH – Author & Life Coach

As politicians, media, scientists, and religions vie for the truth, Rev. Richardson leads us on a quest to discover why we believe what we do, and how we can cultivate inner wisdom for a fuller understanding of truth. Inviting us beyond limiting dualities such as East-West, masculine-feminine, and intellect-intuition, Richardson offers an integrative model for how human beings grow in our ability to perceive truth. Based on yogic science expressed in her book Truth and Illusion, Richardson’s model combines the worldview of each chakra, the feminine and masculine virtues of each chakra, and the energies of love and fear to explain why we view ‘truth’ as we do.

April 29 – “Rachel Carson’s Legacy: Environmental Justice for Today” by Bob Musil – Pres. of Rachel Carson Council (RRC)

Dr. Musil discusses Rachel Carson’s ethic of environmental justice. Portrayed as an environmental saint who’s writing alone sparked the movement. Dr. Musil contends Carson was a political activist who fought corporations, opposed racism and nuclear weapons, and warned about factory farms — issues the RCC organizes around today.

May 6  – “Exploring Risks to our Nation’s Cyber-Infrastructures and Our Personal Data Files by Robert Miller, Ph.D (Retired – National Defense Univ.)

Russian meddling in our 2016 elections and distortion of social media for political purposes are just two vulnerabilities on our American cyber-landscape.  Government and corporate institutions are being challenged daily as never before. In this era cyber warfare, how can we help protect our national cyber-based infrastructures and personal risks of cyber-ransomware? As an academic and Deputy Dir. of U.S. Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office, Mr. Miller will offer his seasoned insights to these significant challenges and strategies to counter the new battle front of cyber-warfare.

May 13 – “Has the 1st Amendment Become a Threat to Freedom?” by Tim Schick – The NewGuild Administrative Director

The Supreme Court, under Chief Justice Roberts has adopted a Libertarian view of the 1st Amendment, overturning precedent and placing and making the rights of the individual superior to the needs of a democratic society. The Supreme Court is considering a case that would make a wedding cake a protected religious expression and another that would classify labor negotiations coerced political speech. Courts have already equated money with speech, permitting the wealthy few to drown out the voices of the majority. Tim is a RRUUC member.