Save the date for the next Bazaar – November 16, 2024!

Here’s info that will help you get involved in this fun activity and volunteers’ perspectives.


Find the area that fits your interests and skills.

Volunteering is fun and worthwhile. Over 400 River Road volunteers make the Bazaar happen. This is a great opportunity to get to know fellow congregants better, raise funds for the congregation, and do community service that’s essential to RRUUC and the wider community. It’s also a chance for families to work together. Work before, during, or after the Bazaar. Join us!

Here’s why people love being a part of the Bazaar!

Check out roles you might play:

  • Before November 10: Collect “good goods” to donate. Think about ways you can use your expertise to help (e.g., leadership roles in jewelry or communications, etc.). Questions about the role you might play? Contact
  • Setup week (starting November 10): All hands needed! Bring in donations, set up, work intake (of goods), help sort, price, bake, etc., starting around November 9. Enjoy engaging with other River Roaders and taking part in fun community building activities as we turn our building into a giant thrift store!
  • November 16 (Bazaar Day): All hands needed! Greet, sell, cashier, bag check, do security, take down, parking, etc. Have fun while you’re moving lots of good merchandise to new homes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I donate?
We can upcycle “good goods.” A “good good” is something you would give a friend or person you want to help. The “good good” is clean, complete, and works.

  • Housewares are a hit – pots and pans, serving dishes, cooking utensils.
  • Women’s and men’s clothing in good condition are popular.
    • Activewear moves!
    • Shoes in good shape get snapped up.
  • Jewelry
  • Children’s Books, Toys, and Clothing
  • Linens
  • Sporting Goods (including bicycles)
  • Items with original price tags still attached go fast!
  • Baked Goods

What things sell the best?
Check this wishlist for bestselling donations that really help RRUUC make money.

What don’t we accept? What NOT to donate!
If your donation isn’t “good goods” then we won’t be able to sell it.

If you wouldn’t want people to know this is your donation, you shouldn’t donate it.

  • Items that aren’t in good shape, such as clothing, linens, and toys that are tattered, shabby, torn, soiled, and/or have mildew or mold, household items that are dented, cracked, or missing parts.
  • For women’s and men’s wear, skip suits. For women’s wear, no shorts, please.
  • Water bottles, logo mugs, commemorative plates or similar with organization names.
  • Three-ring notebooks; out-of-date office equipment, such as adding machines; old landline phones.
  • Computer monitors, custom draperies, hazardous materials, house paints, tires, books for adults, glass florists’ vases.

Items that can’t be sold must be culled, bagged, recycled, or tossed by our volunteers, which is time-consuming and detracts from other activities that could raise more RRUUC funds.

Where to take donations that won’t sell at RRUUC?
Other partners who have been happy to receive RRUUC’s goods that we are not able to sell are:

  • Interfaith Works accepts men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing
  • A Wider Circle accepts a variety of items, including housewares, toys, art, clothes, and furniture
  • Lupus Foundation – this link goes directly to the info on donating household goods
  • Vietnam Veterans of America picks up housewares and clothing directly from your house
  • Goodwill takes lots of things.
  • For books, check out your local library’s policy. Many accept donations. Goodwill also accepts books.

Why should I donate?
The funds raised benefit RRUUC programs. It’s also good for the environment when we upcycle our still usable goods. Others benefit from gently used reasonably priced merchandise. You can also get a tax credit for making a charitable contribution.

When, how, and where should I donate? (Check back in the fall for specific times)

  • When: On Sunday, November 10,  we’ll begin accepting donations. After 7pm on Thursday, November 14, we’ll no longer accept donations. If River Roaders are downsizing, we may be able to help depending on the timing and the size and value of the items. Contact us at
  • How: Group and label your donations in boxes/bags clearly labeled for respective departments (e.g. kids’ clothing, jewelry, white elephant [for household and miscellaneous])
  • Where: Drop your donations off at RRUUC, 6301 River Road, Bethesda, MD. Specific drop-off times to be updated in the fall.

Can high school students get Student Service Learning (SSL) credit for working at the Bazaar?
Montgomery County Public Schools doesn’t allow SSL credit hours for work done at religious organizations like RRUUC. If your child does not attend a Montgomery County Public School, check out the school’s policy on SSL hours – they may be allowed for Bazaar work.

Why might high school students want to volunteer anyway?
The Bazaar is an opportunity to get experience that might not otherwise be easily available to students (such as helping to run an area or working on bicycle repair). Plus it’s a great chance to get to know others within the community.

Where do I park?
Volunteers should park on the street. If you’re physically able, we ask you to park far away to let shoppers have closer access to their cars to facilitate getting their purchases home.

For other questions or to volunteer, contact