Hi River Roaders,

We’ve been lucky to have some rain over the last two weeks, and it it’s really showing up in our plantings. Here are some images from this past week.

Sedges and rushes along our springs. We have a wonderful variety of sedges on our property.

Maroon flowers from our paw paw (Asimina triloba) grove.

We have a number of meadow rue (Thalictrum sp.), with its delicate foliage.

I’d like to think that this rabbit is sleeping. It wasn’t moving in the morning, and the next day it was gone.

Sensitive fern (Onoclea sensibilis) transplanted last year near the Worship Circle.

Blackhaw – the most common viburnum on our grounds (V. prunifolium).

Wild ginger (Asarum canadense) behind the Memorial Garden.

A female Cabbage white butterfly. Females have two dots on the wings. Males have one dot.

I know I had a photo of golden ragwort (Packera aura) last week, but they are doing really well this year.

I hope you can visit our grounds and take a walk on our newly expanded trail system in the back.