Speaker: Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd Senior Minister

How to Fight

The great Vietnamese Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh spent his life working toward a world in which our anger can turn toward high purpose.  How can compassion suffuse our deepest anger?  Can we imagine a way that even our fights can be mindful and authentic? 

Swimming to the Other Side

Here at the turning of the year, we’ll welcome special music from the amazing duo, Emma’s Revolution. Working together with Rev. Nancy, they’ll reflect on what it takes to keep on moving forward into all that beckons with a new year.

Sitting with the Darkness, What Is and What Could Be

This year’s solstice finds us each in a different place than we would’ve imagined last year. But while some things change, some things still stay the same. The solstice is a time for deep reflection and presence – a time to pay attention to what is and what could be as we move into this … read more

Be Quiet Child, Be Quiet

For centuries, mystics and teachers have withdrawn into quiet places of the heart to make room for something deeper to present itself. Does your inner monologue seem a little shouty these days? Maybe a little busy? Could the holiday season bring a time of stillness and silence where all that chatter often is?

The Other Side of Rage

Sikh activist and author Valerie Kaur has written, “On the other side of rage awaits the ability to wonder again at the spinning world.”  What healing lies on the other side of rage in your life? What healing can only come after feeling that rage? What comes next – beyond the burning of what one feels in … read more

A Republic, If You Can Keep It

As Benjamin Franklin walked off the floor of the constitutional convention, it’s said that an onlooker shouted at him, “Doctor, what have we got?  A republic, or a monarchy?” Franklin is said to have replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Here on the other side of election day, as we wait or work or worry … read more

A More Perfect Union

The preamble to the US Constitution states that our form of governance exists in part for the formation of “a more perfect union.” More perfect, of course, doesn’t mean perfect.  It means something closer to perfect, something that is still not fully realized. The American experiment remains unrealized, but this moment in history invites us to push … read more

Our Requiem: Listening Deeply to Grief

In this service, we’ll feature several movements from Clif Hardin’s Requiem, professionally recorded live in the sanctuary before the pandemic and debuted for this online format. Rev. Nancy will preach about the concrete and amorphous grief of this time in our lives. We’ll also prepare for the liturgy of grief and letting go that we’ll share … read more

Big Friendship

This Sunday, we’ll look at the renewing the power of friendship, so often overlooked as a central relationship in our lives. How do our friendships hold us, and how can we cultivate “big friendship” even at a distance?