Excrement, Expletives, and Expectations

Do you remember when a “prominent politician” referred to some places in the world as “dung heaps”?  (That wasn’t actually the phrase the “prominent politician” used, but this a PG publication and “dung heaps” is in the Bible, so let’s go with that.) Maybe that seems like old news. But we do that all the time. We call people names as if those labels summed up lives. We discount others with shorthand phrases. We say, “Flyover states,” as if certain places were best avoided. “She owns a gun,” we say, as if that person was one dimensional. “Dung heaps,” someone might say about a country as if that were factual.  Rev. Timothy Tutt will revisit the “dung heap” comments of the “prominent politician” and will explore them in the light of some old Jewish and Christian sayings to see what the ancient faith traditions had to say about the worth of all people and to examine out own expectations of others