Classes listed here support our congregational mission to grow deeper in Fellowship, Spirit and Service. Some of these:

  • are held at RRUUC while others are offered by others and meet elsewhere;
  • require a fee and registration while some are drop-in and ask for a free-will offering; and
  • ask for an accompanying application to ensure a diverse participant group or because its ongoing commitment benefits from written personal reflection.

Fellowship draws us into deeper relationship with and to our congregational community. Offerings are:

  • Sample a Small Group
  • Training for Small Group Facilitators
  • Souper Supper for Families with Children and Youth

Spiritual growth draws us into deeper relationship with the sacred, however we might experience it or name it, to connect to the sources of our strength. Offerings are:

Service draws us into deeper relationship to the world as it is and the world as it could be, so that we might be agents of change and hope. Offerings are:

  • Beloved Conversations IV (full)
  • Structural Racism and Study Group
  • Same Family Different Colors