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The Understory

From Gabrielle, March 17 Driving to drop off the Shelter Meal at RRUUC today, I spied these and wondered where they came from. They were not there on Thursday when we closed up RRUUC in the time of Corona.      I saw Joe Salunias with tools walking away and still keeping appropriate distance, I asked what … read more

A Family Movie Review

From Gabrielle, February 12 I grew up as what is now termed a “free-range” child. Many who are similarly-aged, particularly if you didn’t grow up in a  suburb, may claim the same.  I spent most of my day out of my house in town, the library was a favorite haunt, or on the creek in … read more

New Year’s Ponderings

On this New Years Day, I share a reflection on a colleague’s wisdom (Rebecca Kelly-Morgan) on how often should you attend religious education?”  Rebecca writes, “I hear
 that question surprisingly often, and I’m equally surprised that anyone who 
knows me couldn’t already predict the answer.  My answer is,
”as often as you can!” “I don’t mean … read more

Teaching in Religious Education at RRUUC

“The best teachers are those that show you where to            look, but don’t tell you what to see.”  Every year, we invite 75 RRUUC congregants to commit to working, in the best sense of that word, with children and youth of all ages, in order to recreate the world….to make … read more