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The Parenting World According to Twitter

A UU religious professional shared the above tweet, with “and we can’t even move to Australia.”  I remember when life with a preschooler felt like this. Staying home all day, every day with your children and/or partner, and/or pets and maybe grandparents isn’t ideal.   But for parents, perhaps the following image flashing by every 20 tweets … read more

This week is a turning point for me…what about you?

It’s raining this morning and the view outside my window is bright green. The noisy dog has barked alerting us to an almost-out-of-sight clan of deer. They are making their morning trek from one place along the Cabin John Trail to another. Tree bark appears coal black so the contrast takes your breath away….if one … read more

The Understory

From Gabrielle, March 17 Driving to drop off the Shelter Meal at RRUUC today, I spied these and wondered where they came from. They were not there on Thursday when we closed up RRUUC in the time of Corona.      I saw Joe Salunias with tools walking away and still keeping appropriate distance, I asked what … read more

Will You Join Me at the Retreat in West River?

From Gabrielle, February 24 Will you join me at the Retreat in West River?  Last week, while working with the 3rd-5th graders on Making Sandcastles (and what it teaches us about resilience), part of the challenge was finding a partner to work with who was not a good friend. There were eleven (11) children in the room and … read more

ChalkTalks: Whom Am I?

From Gabrielle, January 25, Each 3rd Tuesday evening beginning at 6:45pm, a few hearty folks gather together as the RRUUC Religious Education Committee begins its meeting with others who have come to talk for 30 minutes about the assigned topic — this past month’s — Why a Multiracial Multicultural Religious Education? The topic was the … read more

A Family Movie Review

From Gabrielle, February 12 I grew up as what is now termed a “free-range” child. Many who are similarly-aged, particularly if you didn’t grow up in a  suburb, may claim the same.  I spent most of my day out of my house in town, the library was a favorite haunt, or on the creek in … read more

New Year’s Ponderings

On this New Years Day, I share a reflection on a colleague’s wisdom (Rebecca Kelly-Morgan) on how often should you attend religious education?”  Rebecca writes, “I hear
 that question surprisingly often, and I’m equally surprised that anyone who 
knows me couldn’t already predict the answer.  My answer is,
”as often as you can!” “I don’t mean … read more

Family Ministry Blog

  October 12, 2019 from Gabrielle As we struggle through a Fall overflowing with news and change and enjoying once-and-again opportunities (a post-season Championship run comes to mind), Vi Hilbert, a highly respected Native American elder, named a national treasure by the Smithsonian, comes into focus. Hilbert is an educator, and in a response to … read more