April 22 – “Imagining a Better World”  High School Youth Group

It has been a more difficult than usual year to be a teen.  The youth group will explore issues that have deeply affected them this year including the environment, mental health, and gun control.  High school Seniors will participate in the UU Rite of Passage of Bridging.

 April 29 – “Re-imagining,” Nancy McDonald Ladd, Senior Minister and Amanda Weatherspoon, incoming Minister for Justice and Community Building
This Sunday we will have the chance to see our new ministerial team in action together for the very first time.  So, that’s going to be worth showing up for.
In a cultural and political context that tends to put people in boxes, Amanda and Nancy will ask how we can embrace our complexities  and face the challenges therein – by celebrating rather than erasing our differences. How can we imagine a new way of being together that’s not limited to social categories?  How can we bring our full selves to the table in this crucial moment that demands nothing less than authenticity?
May 6th “I’m nobody, who are you?” – Lay-led
This lay led service will explore the theme of the month, ‘humility’, using the poetry of famous poets and a few of our own members.  The selections will be read by Elaine Johnson, Vonna Heaton, Kathleen Knepper, Walt Scott, and David Ward.
May 13th 4:00 pm – Sadie Lansdale’s Ordination.
Join us as we celebrate the ordination of Sadie Lansdale who grew up here at RRUUC.  Please RSVP.