Wednesday Morning Five AM

Hi River Roaders,

Until our first choir practice last week, I didn’t have a need to visit RRUUC in the evening. I was very pleased with the look of the new lights on our front path, enough so that I got up this morning before five AM to take some early morning photos. I think the new lighting certainly provide a welcoming experience for evening users.

5:10 AM – Looking up the path from Whittier.

5:11 AM – The bottom stair section.

5:15 AM – Our front plaza.

5:17 AM – The upper stair section.

5:19 AM – Looking down the stairs toward Whittier.

5:22 AM – The sidewalk on Whittier.

5:23 AM – Starting to get light.

5:27 AM – The Peace Pole Garden.

5:30 AM – Looking down the top stair section.

Hopefully there will be more evening activities as we progress through the summer and approach a return to normal.