The Peace of Wild Things

I first heard Wendell Berry’s poem, The Peace of Wild Things, performed by the River Road Choir. It has special meaning for me in today’s chaotic times.

I come into the peace of wild things
who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief

This week we’ll look back on some of the wild things that share our grounds.

Two young bucks in early spring, hanging out by the worship circle. I would see deer on our grounds almost every day during springtime.

Another young buck drinking from the pool in the first spring.

A buck in early summer, possibly the same as in the first photo. There were three six point bucks hanging out on our grounds in early summer.

Our furry friend, the Eastern grey squirrel. I’ve seen groups of six or more in the lower parking lot when the hickory nuts and acorns are on the ground.

We had a rabbit nest in the Memorial Garden this year.

As the summer went on, one of the bunnies grew more tolerant of me getting close.

We do have predators. I’ve seen evidence of owls and hawks. This photo of a fox at night time is courtesy of the Besom’s and their night vision camera.

In June this year we seemed to have chipmunks everywhere. I’d sometimes sit and just watch them run around without care, which may explain why I haven’t seen any for a while now. This nest cavity is in the large tulip tree by the worship circle.

I’ve also seen racoon and skunk tracks, but have never seen them. I just need to spend more time outside!