Approved by the Congregation at the 2020 Annual Meeting, June 14, 2020

In recent weeks alone, Ahmaud Arbery was killed while jogging, Breonna Taylor in her home, George Floyd lying face down with handcuffs—each a glaring example of the incessant danger that Black people face in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities throughout our country.

We, the River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation, decry these killings. We recognize that they reflect the persistence of our centuries-long legacy of slavery, lynching, Jim Crow, voter suppression, and policies and institutions that create and enforce inequality.

As we mourn those whose lives have been cut short, we acknowledge our sense of powerlessness, our shame, our frequent silence in the face of wrongdoing. Too often, we have looked the other way. Too often, we have failed to speak and act. Too often, we have benefited from inequality and injustice.

Today, as individuals, we commit to a new level of engagement, to continually seek ways to use our voices, our privilege, our standing in the community to effect change

Today, as a congregation, we commit to turning a new page. We declare the obvious—that Black lives matter to our beloved community. We affirm the need for powerful words and collective action, both to call out injustice and to call in love.