To better understand the racial justice commitments and beliefs of RRUUC congregants, the Racial Justice Task Force (RJTF) organized a concept mapping exercise asking individuals to complete the following phrase in their own words: “To me, as a member of the River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation, racial justice means…

Taken together, 225 people submitted 370 responses that conveyed an overall recognition that the journey to racial justice involves new ways of living together and of moving forward individually and collectively.  Five pathways to progress emerged from the concept map:

  • Increasing our self-awareness that the privilege we congregants experience is largely because of racial injustice; and
  • working to educate and change the attitudes among ourselves and our next generation; and
  • recognizing that change starts with each individual taking personal action; and
  • aligning our personal actions with collective RRUUC actions and engagement can effect systemic change; and
  • recognizing that our constitutional democracy affords us the opportunity and civic responsibility to take political action working for political rights of racial/ethnic, religious, and immigrant minorities facing discrimination.

Congregants also signaled and humbly acknowledged that there will be pushback and pull (by doubters and believers) both within and outside of our religious community which we must better understand and embrace openly, emphatically, and unconditionally.

It is only through our active individual and collective engagement with racial justice action that we will find our way to make this journey together.

Register here to join other congregants on Saturday, January 20th at 1:15p to find your pathway and to explore making your vision real at RRUUC.