Spring Cleaning

Hi River Roaders,

Even with the snow and ice, we are inexorably making the transition to spring. This week we’ll share a variety of images, some frozen, some thoughtful, and some laying out opportunities for spring cleaning on our grounds.

Our first spring flower outside the Fiatfalva Room!

The Memorial Stone covered in ice.

I spend a lot of time in the Conservation Area behind the Memorial Garden, and I always take delight when I see that someone has thoughtfully placed something special, such as these tokens made by RE students years ago.

Every year in late winter, we have tree work done, primarily to address safety hazards. This year we will be taking down a sick American Holly that is on the curved path to the offices. Please reach out if you would like to donate funds for a replacement, possibly as a memorial tree.

Late spring is a great time to remove the vines that climb up our trees every year. We’ll be having a socially distanced Grounds Committee workday soon. Please reach out to me or to grounds@rruuc.org if you would like to help.

I believe that RRUUC should model best practice in the maintenance of our grounds. This is the view of our grounds from River Road, with the roadside covered in trash and the trees covered in invasive vines, primarily Porcelain Berry. This spring I hope we can pick up all this trash and cut back all the invasive vines. Again, please reach out to me or the above Grounds email if you would like to help.

Shifting to the thoughtful, I’ve always enjoyed seeing UU Principles simplified for RE classes, such as this version on our playground. How would we simplify a new 8th Principle?

Spring is still right around the corner. Meteorological spring starts on March 20, but “Naturalist’s Spring” starts March 1. Listen for spring peepers at your favorite wetland!