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This Sunday, Mar 26, 2017

Service: 9:15 & 11:15 am
Your Body is a Blessing
Sadie Lansdale

Unitarian Universalists believe that bodies are good. We believe that all bodies are holy and blessed. This belief is particularly important in a political moment where many people are targeted and made unsafe because of their identities. Join seminarian and RRUUC member Sadie Lansdale for worship.

Contemporary Issues Forum (CC&C): 10:20 a.m.
The Social Costs of Mismanaging Europe's Debt Crisis
Ajai Chopra - Retired IMF official

The flawed original design of the euro contributed to the European sovereign debt crisis and complicated the response to the crisis. Mismanaging the crisis has had profound social consequences. Ajai Chopra will contrast the situation in Greece, where social conditions remain horrible, and Ireland, where conditions have improved but are still difficult. He will discuss how Greece's suffering could be alleviated and why sensible solutions are opposed in Europe. Ajai (Jai) has been a member of RRUUC since 1998.

Contemporary Issues Forum: RRUUC's, The Forum, also known as Coffee, Controversy & Conversation (CC&C) is held Sundays at 10:25am between the first and second services in the Fireside Room. It includes subjects from social justice issues to the arts.  The Forum takes a hiatus for the summer (June, July, August) and returns mid-September.