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This Sunday, Apr 2, 2017

Service: 9:15 & 11:15 am
The Opposite of Joy
Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd

If we are fundamentally safe and fed, the opposite of joy, on many normal days, is often something like inattention. It is a prevailing ok-ness in which we cannot or will not see the glory right in front of us. Can we raise our eyes from our ok-ness and dream of something more?

Contemporary Issues Forum (CC&C): 10:20 a.m.
The Name of God:Should it be Exclaimed, Reclaimed or Buried?
The God Panel: Messrs Spiro, Skocz, Younis and Harding

Our visiting God Panel comprising a progressive Jew, a traditional Catholic, an American Muslim and a secular Humanist will share their concepts and beliefs about God in a comparative, interactive way you may never have experienced. This thought-provoking program will begin with our four D.C. area speakers – Daniel Spiro, Esq., Professor Dennis Skocz, Imam Haytham Younis, and Nick Harding – presenting different perspectives about divinity. Each speaker will be asked a provocative question from another panelist, then concluding with a Q & A session by our CC&C audience. Our panel has been stirring new perspectives from audiences for many years.

Contemporary Issues Forum: RRUUC's, The Forum, also known as Coffee, Controversy & Conversation (CC&C) is held Sundays at 10:25am between the first and second services in the Fireside Room. It includes subjects from social justice issues to the arts.  The Forum takes a hiatus for the summer (June, July, August) and returns mid-September.