River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation

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This Sunday, Apr 30, 2017

Service: 9:15 & 11:15am
Youth Service
RRUUC Youth Group

RRUUC Youth Group offers worship on making your own joy and the joy that is found in community. Nine HS Seniors will participate in the UU rite of passage of Bridging.

Contemporary Issues Forum (CC&C): 10:25
Progress Against Great Odds: 30 yrs of RRUUC/LATN Solidarity
Francisco Ramirez, Don Chery, Charlotte Carroll, L Garcia

In 1966, LATN through CoCoDA began organizing and sending delegations of RRUUC Youth and adults to Santa Marta. From a focus on education, over 50 university graduates are working throughout El Salvador. From these delegation contacts, a special RRUUC/LATN relationship has developed with the Salvadoran refugee community in the Washington DC area. COSTA, an association of 17 Salvadoran hometown associations, has, since 2015, sent more than $350 thousand back to their communities in El Salvador to build schools, clinics, pay teachers\\' salaries and aid in other development projects. Come hear about this remarkable journey!

Contemporary Issues Forum: RRUUC's, The Forum, also known as Coffee, Controversy & Conversation (CC&C) is held Sundays at 10:25am between the first and second services in the Fireside Room. It includes subjects from social justice issues to the arts.  The Forum takes a hiatus for the summer (June, July, August) and returns mid-September.