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Last Sunday

The video system at RRUUC uses Quicktime.  Some browsers do not support this format.  In particular, you can not use Google chrome to view services.  However, Firefox (32-bit) works on Windows and Linux (still checking on MACs) and IE works.

Since the hardware camera at RRUUC produces Quicktime directly, we will not be able to change formats for some period of time (likely until early 2017).


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Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd (Sunday, May. 14 2017)

Sermon Summary

This Mother's Day weekend, we'll begin working with "Integrity" as our new spiritual theme for the month. Who are the spiritual mentors in your life who model integrity? Does integrity have anything to do with a pursuit of spiritual maturity, and if one were more spiritually mature - what would we notice first?

The text of the sermon is also available.

This video is best viewed from a high speed Internet connection, for additional view options check out our Web Broadcast Page.