Speaker: Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd Senior Minister

Familiar Problems, New Possibilities

A year ago, RRUUC Member Tricia Tice had the idea to challenge Rev. Nancy to preach about emerging, hopeful technologies that can help us respond effectively to the climate crisis all around us. Today, we’ll look at how new possibilities arise even in the hardest times, and how technology and adaptation can lead us forward … read more

The Wild Edge of Sorrow

Here in the height of Spring, as new possibilities arise amidst such sorrow, we’ll think about the wild, emerging, growing edge of life informed by that sorrow.  How do our sorrows shape us in powerful and sometimes beautiful ways?

Retreat and Refuge

Tara Brach, our amazing partner in faith here at River Road, writes of what it takes to find true refuge in complicated times. How is refuge different than retreat? What place of refuge can we make inside our hearts? Watch the service on our YouTube channel at 10am.

Life Off Balance

In these anxious times, it can feel like the elusive promised land is something like “balance.” Balance between commitments. Balance upon the tightrope of life.  Balance of mind, body and spirit. Yet even the most balanced among us are making constant adjustments to maintain that poise. Is there a time to embrace the fact that … read more

Truth and Meaning-Making

Is there a difference between the truth you can always count on and the meaning you make along the way? Which is more important, and in what can sometimes feel like a post-truth world, how can we reclaim some truths we can trust?

Pro Bono

We live in a quid pro quo world, but how might our ideals call us to live in pro bono world, where our relationships aren’t caught up in transaction and exchange when it matters most? With both the District of Columbia and the state of Maryland declaring a state of emergency, and with new guidance … read more

Tr[us]ted Community

Did anything good ever come from a religious leader standing in front of people and saying “just trust me?”  Maybe not – but what about when a community commits to the beautiful and complicated work of trusting each other – trusting the interwoven fabric of community itself. This Sunday we’ll kick off our stewardship season … read more

Fragility and Humility

One could argue that humility is the opposite of fragility – perhaps it is even the greatest resource for resilience we have. How is the practice of humility alive in your own spiritual life and in the life of our congregations?

Stubborn Saints

Using the stories of the Hebrew Prophets including Elijah, this service will reflect on the resilience of all of the imperfect people who are given holy work to do. It may be that we are just such imperfect and powerfully called people.

Broken Systems, Whole Hearts

“I don’t do systems,” a colleague of mine recently reflected. I think this person was expressing a desire to stay away from the bigger picture of today’s complex problems and look just to the individual level. Today we’ll look at what it is to “do systems” faithfully, looking at the whole picture – perhaps without … read more