Speaker: Dr. Clifton Hardin

Director of Music

Our Requiem: Listening Deeply to Grief

In this service, we’ll feature several movements from Clif Hardin’s Requiem, professionally recorded live in the sanctuary before the pandemic and debuted for this online format. Rev. Nancy will preach about the concrete and amorphous grief of this time in our lives. We’ll also prepare for the liturgy of grief and letting go that we’ll share … read more

The Gift of Presence

Please join us as Rev. Christin Green and Clif Hardin bring a beautiful live-streamed service of readings, meditation, and music. We invite you to a time of contemplation, connection, and revitalization. 

Sing a New Song

Jason Shelton is one of the most prominent musicians and composers in the Unitarian Universalist tradition. In this service for all ages, he’ll work with us to reflect on the history and commitments represented in the music of liberal religion, all while inviting us to sing a new song for a new day. Music makes … read more