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Historically, River Road UUC has been actively and generously involved in social justice programs.  The vision is to put faith into action in ways that develop fellowship both within the congregation and with other organizations, to engage us in ways that are spiritually fulfilling and to be effective in our service, making an impact on causes that we hold dear. Through ministerial and lay leadership, through task forces providing opportunities for members to participate in inspiring activities and through our unique outreach pledging, the congregation has built meaningful partnerships with local and international entities and elicited the passion for justice of its members and friends.  To coordinate such diverse activities, RRUUC created in the 1980s a Social Justice Council (SJC).  This structure worked well for many years but recently, SJC participants began to experience some loss of energy and efficiency. Meanwhile, our Board contracted with our new Senior Minister Nancy Ladd to guide our social justice ministry.  Last summer, the Social Justice Council in agreement with Rev. Ladd chose to suspend its activities for a period of time and take a fresh look at how RRUUC “does” social justice.  How can Nancy Ladd and the rest of us engage all who want to be engaged, assure that the whole congregation knows about and is proud of the work that is done in our name, and continue to be the generous and caring body that we have historically been?  These are questions that a small team, headed by Marc Narkus-Kramer and Charlotte JonesCarroll, is exploring during early 2015.  The team will be available to listen and learn the views and vision of all who want to contribute through several mechanisms: (i) weekly Sunday focus groups during February; (ii) one-on-one communication as requested through emails, phone calls or personal contacts, (iii) reaching out to certain groups, such as youth and RE staff and (iv) this webpage.  Proposals emerging from this process for engaging, governing and funding our social justice work in line with the vision above should be developed by late spring 2015.  If you want to reach us to discuss your ideas or provide comments, please email the team at SJreview@RRUUC.org.
The webpages under Reimagining Social Justice provides information to the congregation that supplements our listening and engagement sessions and provides overall information on social justice.  The links on this page are as follows:
1.  Our Social Justice (SJ) designated pledge organizations, our affiliate organizations and organizations supported by our task forces (assets)
2.  An explanation of our social justice giving over the past 5 years (financial explanation)
3.  Our donations to SJ organizations over the past 5 years (donations)