1. Create a family tree. You may use any form you’d like. Then, look for patterns. They could be anything – professions, religious beliefs, hobbies, health issues, number/gender of children, etc. You will likely need to talk to your family to complete this.

Question for parents – What family trait would you like to pass down to your child(ren)? What family trait do you want to end with you?

2. “Sabbath isn’t time to reset for work, the sabbath is the point of the work. These moments where we are resting is actually the point of our lives. When we get to experience one another, share a meal, play, sing, create.” -Casper ter Kuile

Ter Kuile also writes that a sabbath observance “isn’t a time to catch up on tasks.  Nor is it simply a time to rest to prepare for a busy week.  It is a time to revel in the beauty and delight of simply being.

With YOURSELF and with your FAMILY – choose a type of sabbath and choose how long the sabbath will be.  Pick a day/time and do it.

What changed because of this?  Did you do something you don’t usually do? Feel differently?  Was it challenging or relaxing or both?