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UUA General Assembly Sunday Worship

Last year, over 10,000 Unitarian Universalists from around the nation joined together online for the UUA’s annual General Assembly Sunday service.  This year we’ll feature the ministry team from First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, whose model of shared leadership has helped them to bring spiritual care and moral courage to their city in the wake … read more

Meadville Lombard in the Pulpit

This weekend Rev. Nancy will be preaching for us and for her alma mater Meadville Lombard! She will deliver a sermon on “Going to the Well of Living Waters,” based on the Gospel of John 4:1-26.  A special musical guest is Mark Miller, faculty at Drew Theological School, and the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale University. This will … read more

For Those Who Were Here In This Place

This week, we’ll present the results of powerful research we’ve recently into the history of these sacred grounds on which we gather.  What is the story of those who tread this ground before?  How can we claim the fullness of this place’s  legacy with courage and commitment?  How do we honor legacy while holding ourselves … read more

Divine Play

In sacred Hindu scriptures, did you know that all things are created through the playtime of the gods?  Not the intention or the planning or the due diligence – but the sheer ebullient playtime of the holy. What lessons can we take from this story?  From the ways in which play creates something new, just … read more

Going to the Rising of the Sun

Join us for our annual Spring Music Service, “Going to the Rising of the Sun.”  Enjoy spoken and musical reflections on our shared experience of emerging from times of pain and difficulty to a time of new hope.  The service will feature musical offerings of many styles and genres, including classical two-piano works, contemporary and folk … read more

A Theology of Covenant and other Pandemic Lessons

11:00 Special Service with Cedar Lane and Fairfax! The pandemic has shown us more clearly the ways we are interconnected and responsible to and for each other. How does this change the way we think about covenant in and across our congregations. What new practices does it call us to? This Potomac Partnership Worship will … read more

Stories as Doorways

How do the stories we tell shape the future?  Is it possible that our stories can be portals or gateways into some new reality we haven’t yet created?  Is a story a doorway between one version of the world and the next, and how are we going to choose the stories we tell about this … read more

Trapped in Simple Stories

Human beings are storytelling creatures, but sometimes our stories have a way of getting too simple.  Sometimes we let the conventional telling of a story limit our perceptions of what’s possible.  Can we tell stories about ourselves and our world that are complex, honest and compelling at the same time?

The New Not-So-Normal

Now that we’ve gotten in the swing of pandemic life, we find ourselves beginning to transition out of it… but what are we transitioning to? After a year of being asked to embrace the “new normal”, we find ourselves dancing between the old way, the pandemic way, and the new not-so-normal way that is born … read more