The annual RRUUC All-Congregation Retreat will be April 22-23 at Seneca Creek State Park in Gaithersburg.

Please complete the form below to let us know if you would like to attend the retreat, and if you would like to help. We’ll keep you updated on retreat plans and let you know when registration is open. See below for more information on ways you can help before and during the retreat. We would love to see you there!

Retreat volunteer opportunities

Before the Retreat

Registration – (assist Registrar) Help to organize registration information, compile  attendance lists, food requests, etc. 

Recruitment – talk to members and friends of RRUUC about the benefits of attending the Retreat; answer questions about the Retreat.

Food Coordinator – Plan and coordinate the food to be served at the retreat.

Games Coordinator – Plan games including an opening “get to know you” exercise; assign volunteers to lead or help with games and sports activities.

During the Retreat

Workshop Presenters – Do you have an interest or talent to share? – give a workshop on arts & crafts, educational discussions, exercise, nature/outdoors, spiritual, etc. – anything you think the participants might enjoy or that you have always wanted to do.

Games and Sports Helpers – Sporty types to help organize active pursuits for adults and children.

Photographer(s) – Take pictures of people attending Retreat events and enjoying free time.

Retreat Info Volunteers – Assist with checking in attendees and provide information on the retreat schedule and activities.

Worship Service Ushers – Help with setup for the worship service, help with seating, hand out orders of service.

Food helpers – Help the food coordinators with preparing and serving meals and snacks.

General Volunteers – will be assigned where needed at the Retreat – setup, cleanup, assisting with workshops and activities, etc.