Hi River Roaders,

This week we’ll ask some questions driven by what’s going on with our grounds this week. Don’t worry, some questions never have answers— “to question, is the answer.”

The entrance by the office. What is new? What is missing?

Daffodils in the memorial garden. What is the story behind the statue?

Bluebells waiting for rain. Who planted these?

Glories of the snow in bloom in a bed of moss. Where are we?

Many people look at me and think I’m a weed. In fact I’m the basal rosette of a native wildflower. What do you consider to be a weed? What do you consider to be a desirable garden plant?

I’m a native shrub that is getting ready to bloom in our conservation area. What am I?

I was found and placed on the piece of quartz in the middle of the worship circle. Children (and adults) are always intrigued when they take me apart. What am I?

This is the same clump of bluebells that I’ve shown in the last two blogs. I really need some rain. When will I bloom?

There are three new bird houses on our grounds with a 1 and 1/8 inch diameter hole that is perfect for wrens and chickadees but too small for invasive house sparrows. Where are the three bird houses? Hint: is that a hemlock tree?

Drop me a line if you think you have answers to some of the questions. Till next week.