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Welcome From Those Who Create Lifelong Learning!

We welcome you with the traditional greeting of the accomplished and fabled tribe of Africa, the Masai.

Kasserian Ingera* means “how are the children?” Even warriors without children answer “All the children are well.” This exchange occurs daily, over and over, at each new meeting.

           How are the children?

           All the children are well.

This response means that the daily struggles of existence for all adults in the village, whether parent or not, does not preclude proper caring for the young. The question is both oriented to the present and the future — life is good, peace and safety prevail, and the young are protected. It says: We know for what we woke this morning. The answer grounds the Masai’s daily life, reminding everyone of the purpose of their community.

Our Lifelong Learning pages are full of evidence that our congregation asks and answers this question too. To this we are dedicated.


The Religious Education and the Adult Spiritual Growth Committees embody congregational responsibility and vision-casting for the religious education ministry.

Religious Education Committees

The Children and Youth Religious Education Committee

  • Matt Rosser (2017 term)
  • Amy Reid (2019 term)
  • Tom Helde (2017 term)
  • Lynn Fields (2017 term), Vice Chair
  • Hugh Danier (2018 term)
  • Jennifer Lowe (2018 term), Chair

The Adult Spiritual Growth Committee

  • Lynda Slesinger
  • Nancy Ferris
  • Carl Weichel
  • Valerie Lingeman
  • Joanne Balkovich
  • Ilene Photos
  • Pete Salinger






Gabrielle Farrell, Lifespan Religious Educator

Gabrielle would love to talk with you about RRUUC's integrated vision for religious education for children, youth and adults of all ages. She is in the office Tuesday-Thursday and most Sundays and can be reached at 301-229-0400 x 104, gfarrell(at)rruuc.org.


Beth Irikura, Religious Educator for Youth

Beth invites you to share her commitment and passion for youth ministry that sustains and grows up healthy and whole children. Want to talk about opportunities to teach or advise or to invite the Youth to participate in a project? Please contact here at 301-229-0400 x103 
or at birikura(at)rruuc.org Monday, Tuesday or Thursday and most Sundays.

Childcare Provider Corps

Kamini Wickramaratne, Lead Childcare Provider
Maria Torres, Childcare Provider
  • Kamini Wickramaratne
  • Maria Torres
  • Aurora Sanchez

Those Who Teach....

Muriel Davies Award for Excellence in Teaching

Has your child had a wonderful experience in religious education this year because of a special teacher? Are you in awe of a fellow teacher’s ability to connect with kids or with other adults? Have you taken a class by a fellow congregant that has inspired you to act on your faith or commit to an idea? Have you seen someone at RRUUC go above and beyond the call of duty in support of our Religious Education ministry? If so, this is an opportunity to recognize that work on behalf of RRUUC and Unitarian Universalism by submitting your nominations for the Muriel Davies Award For Excellence In Religious Education.

Nominating someone could not be easier. Simply email Amy Reid the name of your nominee, along with a short paragraph describing the person’s contributions to religious education. If you prefer to give us a written nomination, forms are available outside the RE offices, and may be left in the RE mailbox. Nominations must be submitted by May 1 of any year.