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Religious Education Covenant

River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation

RRUUC Covenantal Expectations for the Religious Education Ministry

We welcome your family to RRUUC's religious education ministry where we cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect and kindness. Our goal is for every child of any age to come to know the value of a loving community and realize their own ability to contribute to the community. We promise to offer opportunities to engage, learn, cooperate, and grow as we explore life, love, and the mysteries of existence.

At River Road, we will create an open, loving, and safe atmosphere for our children and youth to grow and learn. As our children and youth explore the world and try to find their place in it, we -- the religious education professionals, teachers, and representatives of the congregation -- will try to spark them to discovery and embrace the spirit of life by engaging sacred and secular texts, using hands for social justice and service, celebrating the seasonal journey, marking life transitions, and entering moments of worshipful silence to access what we “know but cannot say.” All to help each child or youth find a place to belong and explore Unitarian Universalist values.

Every child of any age will learn our covenantal expectations below:

  • What I say matters. And what I hear others say matters, so I will pay attention to others speaking.
  • Learning is important. I will cooperate with adults and the other children or youth, so that everyone is able to learn.
  • In order to keep everyone safe, including myself, I will not leave a group without permission from the adult leader/teacher. In addition, I understand that children in 2nd grade and younger will only be released to their parents or guardians.
  • The beauty of River Road and the work of others in my community are important. I, and many others, come to RRUUC to experience them. I will show that I value them by treating the building and grounds with respect.
  • I will help create another covenant with my classmates and adult leaders to agree on how we should treat each other when we are together.
  • I am learning and growing, and sometimes, I may act in ways that are disruptive to the group or learning atmosphere. When this happens, I accept that the adults and leaders have the responsibility to work with me to redirect my behavior. This includes:
    • Expecting adults to tell me about my disruptive behavior, and I accept their role in doing so.
    • If I cannot re-direct my behavior, I will take a short break from the group apart from the common space to breathe, gather my thoughts, and re-consider my actions.
    • If I still cannot re-direct my behavior, I will visit with a religious education staff member or other adult acting as such to think about what I can do so that I can return to the group and practice community-building, respect, and gentleness.
    • If when I return to the group (that same day or the next) I cannot re-direct my behavior, I will be immediately asked to visit with a religious education staff member, who will work with me and my parents or guardians to develop a short-term alternative to Sunday morning's religious education activity at River Road.
    • I recognize that my religious community has limited options to provide such an alternative without my parents or guardians full involvement.
  • I expect to be safe from physical violence (e.g., unwanted touching or hitting) and verbal abuse (e.g., being yelled at, hurtful name calling and teasing).
    • If anything like this happens to me, I will tell the adult leader immediately.
    • If I do anything like this, I know that I have to leave the group immediately to be with my parents or guardians or the religious education staff.

As we learn and grow, working to find our place in the world, we sometimes act in ways that disrupt our community. Our role as a religious community is to promote the ability to participate in the community – within ourselves, in a group, and in the world. To accomplish the religious education ministry’s goals here at River Road, we expect everyone -- adults and children -- to treat each other with RESPECT and GENTLENESS.