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Parent/Guardian Roles

Parents and Guardians, you are the primary religious educators for your children and youth. Here are ways to help RE “take” with your children:

  • Help on Sunday morning at least with each of your pre-Middle school-aged children.
  • Learn the names of your children’s Guides, Teachers and the name of their group!
  • Read the RE News and other correspondence related to RE
  • Attend some special events
  • Connect your youth or child to other RRUUC families




Support. All costs, including salaries of the religious education ministries depend on the financial pledges of its members and friends. All families are encouraged to contribute during the church’s Pledge Campaign each Spring.

Attend! Regular attendance creates a relationship to the church that is integral to spiritual growth. Belonging is paramount. All children, at some point and for various reasons, express reluctance to attend. When you demonstrate an “attitude of cheerful expectancy” and steadfastness about weekly attendance, your child learns what is important to you about their growth. Although there are many competing demands on family life today, we encourage your family to make church attendance a priority.

Parent-help at least once a year for each child! Here’s how to make it a bit easier:

  • Add your parent–helper dates, assigned randomly in October and February, to your calendar. And save the email for addresses of other families in the class.
  • If you can’t help on your assigned date, contact other parent–helpers to see if you can exchange day. If you can’t find a substitute, contact the Group Guide as soon as possible.
  • Before your assignment, talk to your children about your role in the classroom, which is to help all the children.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to talk with the Guides about your role.
  • Wear a nametag.
  • Leave the disciplining of your own child to the Guide.
  • Ask yourself how you would want another parent to treat your child and act accordingly.
  • Parent–helpers are not assigned to the Middle and High School classes, but are expected to participate in other ways, e.g., as drivers.